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Lockets are an old-fashioned gift that are made to hold precious memories of your husband, lover, family member or close friend.

There is something special about giving a family member or a close friend a locket as a gift. Lockets are made to hold precious memories of your husband, lover, family member or close friend, secret places to keep what we hold most dear next to our hearts.

Lockets are an old-fashioned gift that has endured the test of time. Modern day lockets are still being made today. However, if you really intend on giving a locket to someone special in your life, then I highly recommend finding an antique locket or a vintage locket for that loved one.

Lockets go back at least a century to the Victorian times when women would wear a locket pinned to their dress or lapel. Jewelry was made by hand in the Victorian era, and each locket was a unique piece of jewelry.

Today we do not wear brooches as often as they did in the Victorian era, so many lockets are made as necklaces, but even if a vintage locket was originally designed as a brooch, you can convert a brooch locket easily into a locket necklace. Lockets have also been made as rings, cufflinks, and earrings.


Vintage Locket OpenVintage lockets were created from several different materials including precious metal gold and silver lockets, to gold filled lockets, as well as brass lockets which were very popular and not as expensive. Lockets may have clock faces, stampings, glass or stones embedded in the faces or even enameled faces.

Lockets represent love in all its facets including religious love. You can find vintage lockets in heart shapes, oval shapes or also with religious symbols including crosses, the Holy Bible, Jewish stars, or the Torah (Five Books of Moses). Keeping a loved one safe by having a religious locket close to their heart is a beautiful gesture, appropriate for a child, friend or a family member.

Before photography was common, women often filled their lockets with a piece of hair or message from their lovers or children to keep them close, but today most people like to find a photograph to keep inside their lockets.

Gold Heart Lockets are Popular

14K Gold and gold filled lockets have been popular through the ages because gold has a value to it. Lockets do not have to be very large, so buying a gold locket is often affordable. If you do not want to buy a solid gold locket, you can opt for gold filled which is a layer of gold over top of a layer of silver.

Vintage and antique lockets can be found on Ebay for very reasonable prices in both gold and gold filled, and heart shape lockets are always a good choice for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.  There is never a bad time to give a locket for a gift.

Gold and Gold Filled Heart Lockets

Gold and Gold Filled Lockets

Vintage Silver Oval Lockets

Finding Christian Lockets

If you are looking for Christian lockets, you will be able to find some lovely vintage and antique lockets on Ebay in Christian motifs. Most Christian lockets will have the cross centered on the face of the locket which may be oval, heart shaped, or in the shape of a book (representing the Holy Bible). Some lockets may have other Christian symbols as well like the Christian fish symbol or angels.

When searching for Christian lockets on Ebay add the word "Christian" to the search. You should also look under the symbol you would like to find on the locket. Ebay sellers have an excellent selection of vintage Christian lockets in several vintage materials.

Vintage Christian Lockets

How to Search on Ebay for Vintage or Antique Lockets

When you enter your search phrase on Ebay, here are some hints:

  1. Use the least amount of words necessary.
  2. Add one word at a time to your search to narrow it down.
  3. Antique and vintage are used on Ebay somewhat interchangeably, so you may need to put in a decade to narrow down your search.
  4. If you like the offerings of one Ebay seller, you can search just their listings.
  5. You can also put quotes around a phrase to find that exact phrase.  "antique lockets" will get you different results than antique lockets.
  6. Use synonyms like "Christian", "religious", "holy" to get the full spectrum of locket choices.

Fleur De Lis Lockets

Vintage Victorian Lockets

Vintage Locket Brooches

Beautiful Antique and Vintage Locket Brooches

Vintage locket brooches have been made in so many beautiful materials, it is often hard to choose which one to buy, but Ebay has a full listing of large and small locket brooches.  These vintage locket brooches look good on a suit jacket, or a coat, or they can be converted into locket necklaces.

Many of the traditional locket brooches hang from a separate pin, so to convert the locket brooch to a locket necklace, you can just remove the vintage locket from the pin, and use the loop to attach the locket to the necklace chain.  If you are not sure how to do this, you can get help from a found object jewelry artist in your local area.

Vintage Pearl Lockets

Vintage Cameo Lockets

For a romantic gift, there isn't a symbol more telling than the heart charm. And heart charms have been romantic symbols for a long time, making it one of the easiest vintage char
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Very nice, I'll keep these in mind for my daughters. I love the vintage look. :)K

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