Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal Party Ideas

by dustytoes

A gender reveal party gives the happy, expecting couple the opportunity to share the moment that they discover the gender of their baby.

A gender reveal party, or shower, lets everyone in attendance, including the expecting parents, learn at the same moment if the baby will be a boy or a girl! There are a few popular ways that couples are doing this, and you may learn the best way to accomplish this by watching the videos I've included.

It's probably not for everyone, but if you'd like to share this special moment with party-goers, this page will give you some ideas of how it's done. I've poured over YouTube videos to find the best examples out there and have included a few to give you a first hand glimpse into the fun and (sometimes) confusion that comes with having this type of party to announce "it's a boy" or "it's a girl".

Keeping the Secret - You'll Have to Plan Ahead

From what I understand, this is how to keep the secret from yourselves!

keeping the secretThe whole point of a party announcing to everyone, including the parents, whether their new family member will be a boy or girl, is to keep the information a secret.

Sonograms are a regular part of being pregnant these days and usually that is when the gender of the baby is announced for couples who want to know.

To keep the sex hidden, be sure to tell everyone - doctors, nurses and technicians - that is what you want.  At the appointment when the gender becomes known, have the doctor write boy or girl on a piece of paper and place it inside a sealed envelope. Only outsiders who are helping with the party goodies will see what's written on that paper!

Depending on how you decide to reveal the news using the colors pink or blue (with a cake or balloons or another way) the envelope will go to the person or people who will bake the cake or blow up the balloons.

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Have you given or attended a "gender reveal" party?

What was your impression / experience?
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It was so much fun - I highly recommend it.
katiem2 on 08/25/2012

I love it and look forward to enjoying such parties in the future. Great idea!

How To Let Balloons Tell The Story

Pink or blue colored balloons can be used to reveal the baby's sex.

If your choice is to announce the little one using balloon colors, then helium balloons contained in a big box can be released at the party.  When all blue balloons float out, everyone knows that "it's a boy"!  Obviously pink balloons would be for a girl.

Someone takes the sealed envelope (with gender written inside by the doctor or nurse) to the store and asks for balloons - in the color pertaining to the gender written inside the envelope - to be filled and sealed up in a big box.

I would call a grocery store ahead of time and speak to the manager of the floral department about arranging for this.  They can search the backroom for a large, empty paper towel box or save some sort of large box that arrangements come in for you to use for the helium balloons.

You may not need as many balloons as you think.  The videos I watched showed most of the balloons being trapped inside the boxes, so it's important to find a very large box, or use fewer balloons.


Balloons Baby Shower Invitations

Make or Buy a Cake with Blue or Pink Frosting inside.

Cut into the cake to find the hidden color.

baby cake artThe way to use food - specifically, a cake - to announce the gender, is to cut into it (usually mom and dad do the cutting together) and everyone sees either pink or blue cake or frosting inside.

Honestly, I have watched a bunch of YouTube videos for this article and one thing that stands out in the "cake as an announcement" themed parties is that no one seems to know how to cut the cake so that the couple, guests and camera operator all see the cake or frosting color at the same time.

If you plan to use the inside icing (pink or blue) or the cake color itself as the gender give away, then give some thought ahead of time as to how you will tape it.

Most couples I saw, cut into it and freaked out, while the rest of the guests and one doing the videoing, were left to wonder.  One woman even got it wrong!  Is she color blind?

The couple in the short video below had the right idea. 

Gender Reveal Party: The Big Moment They Cut Into The Cake

The color of the cake will be either pink or blue and everyone will scream... !

Have Shower Guests Guess Boy or Girl

It's fun to get the party goers involved in guessing the baby's gender.

Here are some fun party ideas to get family and friends involved in guessing if your baby will be a boy or a girl.

Invite everyone who is present choose a "side".   They can do that using the ideas listed here:

    1. Wear colored clothing to match their choice - pink or blue.

    2. Hand out pins or buttons to wear saying Team Boy or Team Girl.

    3. Have a sign-in chart or chalk board to choose sides.

    4. Hand out little prizes for the winning team.


Which Team Are You On?

Ad Zazzle

Team Pink or Blue?

Was This Couple Really Surprised?

Great looking cake, excellent video guy and finished product (with music), but what's up with that couple?

Would You Share the News With Balloons or By Cutting Into the Cake?

If you have other children, they may love the chance to open the box and let the balloons fly!

Keeping it a secret

Parents, family and friends are really the last to know.

When you think about it, the expecting parents are never the very first to know if they are having a boy or girl.  It's the ultrasound technician or the doctor who figures it out then tells you.

With a baby shower that keeps the baby's gender a secret, quite a few people will know what you're having before you do.  First the doctor, nurses and assistants will know, and hopefully they won't let it slip on subsequent visits.  Then the grocery clerk, florist, baker or whoever else you involve in the party planning will know because they will supply the correct color balloons and icing inside the cake.

Of course, these people don't count or matter really.  The people who count will be at the party, where the secret will be revealed.

You May Want To Re-Think The Cake Idea

Or at least cut off a huge piece so there is no guessing. This poor woman!
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dustytoes on 07/13/2012

Thank you Katie, I appreciate the tweet!

katiem2 on 07/13/2012

I love it, great idea and so much fun. My two nephews and their wives are both expecting late this summer. They went on a babe vacation, a last big vaca before they get busy being Mom's and Dad's. This is a great idea I'm sure they will enjoy as well. Will be sharing this with a tweet. :)K

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