Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Bites Appetizer | A Step-By-Step Recipe with Photographs

by CountrySunshine

An easy-to-make and serve appetizer tray featuring pork loin wrapped in bacon, surrounded by fresh vegetables. Recipe offers step by step instructions, complete with photos

One of the elements of a successful party is the appetizers and party food. Guests tend to gather wherever there is food, so it's best to serve appetizers they will enjoy.

A party tray is a great way to serve a lot of food in one dish, and it is an attractive way to showcase your appetizers. While party trays are available at most grocery stores, I like to make my own. This party tray is easy to make, is colorful, and includes food selections most people enjoy.

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How Do You Like Your Party?

Shopping List

  • Fresh vegetables.  Baby carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, green onions, radishes and cherry tomatoes are all good choices
  • One bunch of fresh leaf lettuce, for garnish
  • 2 pounds of thick sliced bacon
  • 1 1/2 to 2 pound pork loin
  • Salt and pepper
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Tooth picks

Step 1: Prepare Your Bacon

Cut bacon slices in half










Bacon will bring out the flavors in your pork loin, so it is an important ingredient! Simply cut the bacon slices in half, then place in a frying pan.

Partially cooked bacon in frying pan










Cook the slices until they are done, but not crisp. Each slice needs to be limp enough to wrap around your pork bites. Drain grease, and set slices aside to cool.

Step 2: Prepare Pork Loin Bites

Cut pork loin into cubes









Remove any membrane and fat from the pork loin, then cut in one-inch cubes. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Dip pork loin bites into BBQ sauce











Put barbecue sauce in a bowl, then dip each piece of pork loin in it to cover on all sides.

wrap pork loin cubes in cooked bacon










Take one slice of bacon, and wrap it around the pork loin bite. Secure it with a tooth pick, and place into broiler pan. Repeat with each piece until all pork loin is wrapped.

Preheat broiler, than place pork loin bites 5-6 inches from flame. Broil 4 minutes, remove pan from oven, turn pork pieces, and baste with additional BBQ sauce.

Broil another 5-7 minutes until pork is done.

Step 3: Prepare Fresh Vegetables

  • Rinse Vegetables

    Rinse all vegetables in cool water, then pat dry with a paper towel. A salad spinner works well to remove water from lettuce and other light-weight vegetables.

  • Remove Stems and Seeds

    With a sharp paring knife, remove any stems, roots or seeds from your vegetables. For green onions, cut off both the roots and part of the green tops.

  • Lettuce Garnish

    Line the bottom and sides of your serving tray with individual lettuce leaves.

  • Fill The Serving Tray

    After lining the tray with lettuce, place vegetables around the side, allowing room in the center for your bacon-wrapped pork bites.

Salad Spinner

One of the handiest kitchen tools I've ever owned is a salad spinner.  They are so easy to use, and make drying lettuce and other vegetables a breeze!

Simply place your lettuce inside the spinner, add cool water to rinse, then place the spinner basket inside the outer bowl.  Turn the handle on top of the lid, and any remaining water moves to the outside of the inner basket.

Only $27.68

I like this particular spinner because it is easy to hold, and easy to drain.  Many of the other spinners require you to remove the lid to drain.  This one has spouts, so the water can be drained without removing the wet vegetable.

If you don't have a salad spinner and eat fresh vegetables, purchase this Progressive International SALL-6 Salad Spinner. For a small investment, you'll enjoy crispier, tastier, drier vegetables!

Step 4: Add Pork Loin Bites

Appetizer tray with pork loin bites and fresh vegetables









After you are satisfied with the arrangement of your fresh vegetables,  place your bacon-wrapped pork bites in the center. 

The only step remaining?  Place the appetizer tray on your table, and let your guests enjoy!

Tips & Suggestions

  • Choose colorful vegetables

    Add a bit of color to your table and party tray by choosing a variety of vegetables. For bell peppers, offer the green, gold and red varieties. Radishes and cherry tomatoes add a bit of red, while cauliflower will bring out the color in the lettuce. Mix and match to see which vegetables are the most attractive!

  • Barbecue Sauce and Bacon Flavors

    Any flavor of BBQ sauce works well with pork, so use the kind you like the best. However, if you use honey-flavored barbecue sauce, make certain your bacon isn't maple. Flavors should be complementary.

  • Barbecue Sauce Alternatives

    Instead of BBQ sauce, try Italian dressing or Dijon mustard to coat your pork loin bites. Or try all three!

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happynutritionist on 05/14/2015

Very delicious picture, anything is better with bacon :-)

frankbeswick on 05/11/2015

I have never heard of this appetizer, but it sounds lovely. Thanks for the good idea.

Digby_Adams on 05/11/2015

I could smell the bacon as I read this Wizzle. If you were a friend of mine, I would be requesting these as well

CountrySunshine on 05/11/2015

During the summer months, I get many requests to bring these to parties. I not only enjoy making them, but eating them as well!

CruiseReady on 05/11/2015

Your bacon wrapped pork loin bites sound tasty, seem easy to make, and your platter is quite attractive. Should be a party hit!

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