Improving Warehouse Operations with Barcode Printers

by supercarly

Own a warehouse? Want to improve operations? This handy guide will show you how to improve efficiency with barcode printers.

Warehouse chaos? 'Peak period' turning into a nightmare?

You're in the 'peak period' as Christmas approaches, you're beginning to have limited time, a very tight budget and deadlines galore.  As December approaches, it can begin to feel a little chaotic.

Ideally, you should have prepared your warehouse before now, but it's never too late and it's certainly a good time to look at preparing for the next peak period.  

Obviously, you need to look at optimising your warehouse for maximum efficiency at as low a cost possible. This little guide will help you do that.  Get the most out of your warehouse operations, improve productivity and get that all important competitive advantage.


How will barcode printers help my warehouse?

It's important to note that barcode printers will only help improve your warehouse ALONG with optimising your warehouse layout, reviewing your use of labor and looking at staffing issues.

If you review these issues first, we believe that then automating tasks and installing barcode printers will really help you to improve warehouse operaions.


There are several key ways that barcode printers can help optimise your warehouse performance.  Firstly, human errors will be significantly reduced.  As Christmas approaches, staff will be tired, less productive and quite simply looking forward to packing up and set off home for the holidays.  This can mean that work is a little sloppy, and errors will be made.  Barcode printers will make stock verification easier and reduce the chances of mistake.  Secondly, installing a barcode printer means you can then allocate members of the workforce to other areas of the warehouse, ensuring they can help improve other areas.


Selecting the correct type of barcode printer:

As barcode printers are costly, you need to ensure you’re buying the right one for your business.
You can choose from a range of portable printers, desktop printers, mid range printers and industrial printers.  Of course, if you’re printing labels in the warehouse, a desktop or portable printer will simply not work efficiently for you.  Research the different industrial printers for your business.


Ensuring your barcode printers work efficiently:

During the busy period, your barcode printers will be reaching maximum capacity. You will need to be careful they are still producing a clear, readable barcode even though they are running at full pelt. You cannot let down the supply chain because of poor barcodes.  You will lose profit, incur fines and even risk having products returned or worse, withdrawn or relisted. 

Make sure you have your printer serviced regularly and train staff on checking and maintaining the printer.

How long have you had your printer?  Ask, is it time for an upgrade?

Finally... DID YOU KNOW:

....newer barcode systems now use mobile devices that can save you time and money by helping with product identification, location and tracking.  They can help reduce paperwork too, thus increasing efficiency in your warehouse.  So even if you have a barcode printer, especially one that is several years old, you may wish to look at upgrading to a new one in order to achieve maximum productivity. 

Barcode Printers

Impartial Information on Barcode Printers from Wikipedia
A barcode printer is a computer peripheral for printing barcode labels or tags that can be attached to physical objects. Barcode printers are commonly used to label cartons before shipment, or to label retail items with UPCs or EANs. ...
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