Beard Trimming Tips To Keep You Looking Great

by ericparker

Guys look great with beards, but some beard trimming tips are in order to make you look as good as possible every day.

Whether you’re sporting a beard for the first time or you’ve had one a number of times through the years, you could feel better about your beard and also look a bit better if you consider a few beard trimming tips before you mess up the good thing you have going.

Lots of us look better with a beard, but beard grooming isn’t something most of us ever really learned how to do. If you’re lucky, your dad taught you how to do it, but my dad didn’t. Besides, methods and preferences have changed through the years, so what you learned in the past doesn’t necessarily apply.

Here are a few quick tips about beard trimming that could make a world of difference in the way your beard looks:

Don’t do anything for the first two weeks. It’s tempting to define a cheek line and neckline after growing a beard for only a couple of days, but most of us need a week or two for everything to fill in. That’s why most beard grooming experts recommend waiting one or two weeks after you start growing a beard before you do any trimming at all. If your work doesn’t allow that, just clean up the edges for the first couple of weeks, then define a style that looks good on you after you’ve had some time to see how things grow.

Use moisturizer to get you through the itchy period. New beards are often itchy. Wash your new beard with shampoo instead of soap (even if it’s very short), then moisturize with a face and body lotion to eliminate most itching. If you still itch in a few places, use an antiseptic wash with a pain reliever -- like Johnson & Johnson or Bactine -- for a few days to help you overcome the problem.

Try not to cut the neckline too high. Defining a neckline requires using a hand mirror and having a delicate touch. The line should be smooth and even but shouldn’t appear unnatural when you bend your head down or look to the side. Consider how your jaw line looks when your head is in a variety of positions before setting a neckline. Then, start with it lower than you think it should be so you can clean up any unevenness without it ending up too high.

Keep your beard short until you get used to it. A longer beard requires careful grooming and creates some strange (but often pleasant) sensations as the wind blows through it, so consider trimming your beard short when you’re just starting out. Then, gradually increase the guard number or setting on your clippers until you get the maximum length you can tolerate and easily maintain without itching or tickling.

Try to look natural, not carved up. The best beards have a natural look that seems to belong on a face rather than a carved up, carefully crafted look. Narrow, squared-off beards can make you look pretentious or overly vain, so follow your face’s natural curves when defining a beard.

Remember the 24-hour rule. If you’re considering shaving your beard, doing a major trim or changing the style, consider the 24-hour rule of beard trimming: Never make a change right away, but if you still want to do it tomorrow, go ahead. Beards often take weeks to grow and mature, so you could regret shaving or changing your beard impulsively. There’s no harm in waiting a day or two.

A good trimmer makes all the difference. If you’ve ever seen someone with a scraggly, uneven beard, you know what poor skills and a bad trimmer can do to a face. For best results, use the best trimmer you can find. I think the Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer is the best on the market. This model is Braun’s most powerful and Braun is a top name in beard grooming products, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, beard mistakes grow out and you can try again for a great beard. For some of us, however, it takes our facial hair a while to grow out enough for a decent beard, so it make sense to be careful and avoid making beard grooming mistakes whenever possible.

Beard trimming is bit of an art, but you don’t have to be an artist to pull off a great, professional look. You just have to have patience, develop a little skill and use the right tool.

You have a lifetime to perfect your beard trimming skill, but if you’re careful with what you’re doing, you can get it right -- right now.

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Updated: 11/05/2012, ericparker
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ericparker on 11/07/2012

Thanks very much. Yes, that's an important cause, and this is the month when beards are more than just a fashion statement.

katiem2 on 11/06/2012

This is perfect for Beardvember. I'll share this as a bunch of students at our high school are practicing beardvember in honor of prostate cancer awareness month during the month of November. Good to have this topic covered here at Wizzley. Great article and thanks for covering. :)K

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