Beautiful Moroccan Mirrors and Sconces Which Add an Ethnic Flavour to Any Room

by HollieT

Moroccan mirrors and lights are more than just aesthetically pleasing pieces. Learn how to use mirrors and lights to add space, depth and a wonderful ethnic flavour to your home.

Beautiful and ornate are just two adjectives which spring to mind when discussing Moroccan mirrors and lighting, nevertheless, when used in conjunction they can create the impression of space in a small room, or light in a dark room but just as importantly, they create atmosphere.

Getting the ambiance right is vital if you want to create that all important ethnic vibe, and this is were cleverly crafted Moroccan accessories can really make an impression. Both mirrors and lighting tend to be colourful and are often emblazoned with intricate designs, creating some stunning effects.

Moroccan Mirrors.

Mirrors in Moroccan homes are more than just furnishings, they're statement pieces, they attest to the skill, dedication and expertise of the craftsman.

Moroccan mirrors are made using a range of materials; from camel bone to wood to wrought iron. The skill which has gone into making these mirrors is evident at first glance, they're often ornately carved and carefully hand painted. Sometimes the frames are made from camel bone or wood, however, these two materials are often found together. 

These mirrors do of course have a practical application, nevertheless, due to the designs, level of detail and craftsmanship which has gone into making the piece, they are also considered wall art.

The craftsman may use a range of colours when painting the mirror's frame or doors, it's not uncommon to find hues of red or green or blue together. Having said that, colours which reflect light are also used frequently, which is why many Moroccan mirrors will have silver or gold frames, helping to cast even more light back into the space.

How to use Moroccan Mirrors to Enlarge a Small Room or Brighten a Dark Room.

In addition to creating an ethnic flavour, Moroccan mirrors can help to create space and light in dark or small rooms.

There are a number of ways that you can use mirrors to brighten a dark room. Initially you should utilise whatever natural light that you may have in the space. Start by placing a mirror opposite the window, if you have more than one window in the room, consider hanging more than one mirror. Using Moroccan mirrors in this way can help to duplicate the existing natural light that you have available and will also bounce light back into the room, making it appear larger.

Another way to create the illusion of space and light is by positioning two mirrors so that they are facing one another. This is a particularly effective trick to use in very small rooms, or in a room which only contains very small windows. 

As night falls your Moroccan mirrors can still be very effective when it comes to reflecting light to create the illusion of space, and to disperse even more light into a dark room. Position lighting, where possible, directly in front of mirrors . Placing a floor lamp before a mirror, for example, will ensure that whatever light is thrown by the lamp, is also dispersed even further around the space. Light, artificial or otherwise, always creates the illusion of space. 

Moroccan Lanterns, Sconces and Table lamps.

The way in which Moroccan lighting is designed is not only breathtaking, but also helps to create a soothing, ethnic ambiance.

Moroccan lighting is really quite spectacular and often used to create an illusion or an atmosphere. And Just like any other form of artificial light, Moroccan lighting can also be used to create the impression of space and depth in your rooms.

The Sconce is a wall light which is available in a range of different designs and shapes. Choose from hexagons, triangular and diamond shapes, to name but a few. The various shapes ensure that light is dispersed, not only upwards, but in a number of directions. You can opt for the traditional henna sconce which is made by the Berber craftsmen and hand painted, colourful stained glass pieces, or bold brass designs. 

As the sconce disperses light upwards, they are particularly effective for creating the illusion of height. Use the sconce in rooms which have low ceilings, this particular trick helps to create depth.

The stained glass designs will also throw multi-coloured light into the room which, not only helps to create a 'mood', but also casts patterns and shapes around the room. You will find that the many of the henna painted sconces are wrapped in sheepskin which casts a very soothing light. Perfect for use in rooms where the emphasis is on relaxation. 


Moroccan lanterns.

When it comes to Moroccan themed accessories, lanterns add the final touch to any room. The sheer range of designs is staggering. Moroccan lanterns come in all shapes and sizes; choose from beautifully crafted coloured glass designs; intricate lattice ironwork, pendants, free standing lanterns, table top lanterns; the choice is endless.

Lanterns add a really exotic touch, particularly candle lanterns. Not only can they can be placed in any room, particularly where subdued lighting is desired, but the beautiful, ornate designs very cleverly cast shapes which dance in the candlelight, and are often focal points and conversation starters.

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JoHarrington on 01/15/2013

I'd never even thought of having Moroccan lighting before, but these are absolutely gorgeous!

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