Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

by ExpertEntrepreneur

There are several types of storage units you can choose from. One option is climate controlled storage, which helps protect your valuables.

Climate control is important for valuables, one-of-a-kind items, and anything that's environmentally sensitive.

This type of storage unit keeps your belongings in a constant environment with a temperature between 55 and 85 degrees. All climate controlled units are enclosed to protect your items against dust, pests, humidity and more forms of damage.

Climate control storage offers far greater protection from the elements as the units are typically indoors and above flood levels. Most are located in a finished building, unlike a standard drive-up unit, which means less dirt and dust gets transferred into the storage unit where it can damage your belongings. 

Protects Your Belongings

There are several items that can benefit from climate control:

  • Photos and books
  • Paintings
  • Computers and electronics
  • Antiques
  • Wine
  • Heirlooms
  • Classic cars
  • Sensitive materials like metal, plastic, leather and glass
  • Appliances

Climate control avoids the effects of extreme temperatures during storage. Extreme cold and heat can cause wood to crack, break and warp, while fabrics and papers can degrade and yellow. Paper and fabric can also develop mold and mildew stains. Metal can rust, weaken and corrode while furniture can become damaged by pests.

Why Choose Climate Control?

Not sure if you should pay extra for climate controlled storage units? Here are the many benefits:

  • The cost to properly store your valuables is likely less than the cost to replace them.
  • Temperature and humidity sensitive items will be safe.
  • Pests will not invade the storage unit.
  • Avoid wood and paper damage.
  • Avoid yellowing and degradation of leather, clothing, fabric and books.
  • Interior climate controlled storage is more private than a drive-up storage unit.
  • Additional protection from flooding and water damage.
  • Cleaner storage with less dust and dirt than drive-up storage.

If you are going to store temperature or humidity sensitive items, it pays to choose climate control. No one wants to visit their storage facility, only to discover family heirlooms and photo albums have been destroyed beyond repair. If you are going to store items that are not expensive to replace or not sensitive to extreme heat or cold, you can save money by choosing a drive-up storage unit that is not climate controlled.


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Updated: 05/09/2015, ExpertEntrepreneur

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