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by CountrySunshine

Are flies bugging you? Try The Trap 'n' Toss disposable fly trap. It is the best way to trap those pesky flies in your outdoor areas.

I love spring and summer. There's nothing like warmer temperatures and spending time out in the yard, or working in the garden. I enjoy breathing in the fresh air, and watching the plants emerge.

But what I do not like about warmer temperatures are bugs, and especially not flies! While I enjoy having my windows open, it seems that flies slip in with the fresh air. Since I live in the country and raise livestock, it seems I have more flies than I did when living in the city.

Over the years, I've tried a number of disposable fly traps. I tended to buy the least expensive, and while each of them worked somewhat, they didn't have a lasting effect on the fly population.

Fly Strips

The first type of fly traps I purchased were the sticky strips. They come in a roll, and you simply grab one end, and pull it out of the cylinder. A loop at one end attaches to a thumbtack, which you stick into the wall or ceiling.

These fly strips do work well, especially in the house. But having a strip hanging in the house can be somewhat disgusting. There's nothing like having friends over for dinner, and having a sticky strip with flies caught in it hanging from your ceiling!

"Bag-Type" Disposable Flycatcher

The next type of disposable fly catcher I tried came as a 'bag'. These fly traps work well, and can be hung just about anywhere outside. They are definitely not for use inside the house, unlike the sticky fly strips.

These disposable fly traps are inexpensive, and can be hung in small places. Good places to hang them are in your garage, under your porch eaves, or anywhere out of the wind.

The downside to these fly traps is that they are small, so they don't hold very many flies. They also flap around in the wind, since they don't have much weight to them.

While I like the bag-type fly traps, I really need something that has a bit more weight to it, and can hold a lot of flies. So I did some research, read some on-line reviews, and decided to try the Trap 'n' Toss Disposable Fly Trap.

I have purchased several of these Trap 'n' Toss Disposable Fly Traps over the past couple of years. They are high quality, durable, and can hold thousands of flies! While the bag-type catchers are good for smaller spaces, the Trap 'n' Toss can be hung just about anywhere around your yard.

Proof that the Trap 'n' Toss works!

I filled this Trap 'n' Toss Fly Trap with attractant and water, and just 8 days later, had this many flies! Yes, it's disgusting! But it's also proof that this trap is effective for trapping flies!

Trap 'n' Toss filled with flies
Trap 'n' Toss filled with flies
Country Sunshine

My recommendation?

If flies are a problem around your house, consider purchasing one of these Trap 'n' Toss Fly Traps. They are simple to use, last a long time, and will trap thousands of flies. They are also inexpensive, so if you have a really big fly problem, you can afford to buy more than one at a time.

It's a great investment at a small cost, and will help you enjoy more of your 'outdoor time' this year!


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Originally published May 12, 2012 on Squidoo


Updated: 10/26/2015, CountrySunshine
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CountrySunshine on 10/27/2015

I purchase several of these each year. The results are great, but a bit on the nasty side!

candy47 on 10/27/2015

I've tried everything, or so I thought. I never heard of the Trap n Toss, it looks like it works. Thanks.

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