Bev Owens In A Nutshell

by bev-owens

A brief little biographical piece about myself, Bev Owens. Explaining how I became a blogger and writer online.

Before Computers

a little of my history

My life began almost six decades ago in a sleepy little town in Central Indiana long before there was such a thing as a personal computer, laptop, or IPad. Growing up in the microcosm that was my small little hometown created a love of reading. I realize, now, that it was the beginning of leaving the small town to go out and find my way in the big world. I could escape for a while into the pages of other worlds by reading. If I remember correctly, I was about 10 when I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be able to tell stories to people the way the authors of the books that I enjoyed so much did.

History was one of my favorite subjects in school. I loved learning how people lived in other times and the events that marked the different eras of humanity. I'm sure that is one of the reasons I became an antiques specialist. Sometimes, I think it isn't so much the object but the history that is involved with it that fascinates me more. I see a correlation between the antique industry that I work in, my love of reading and writing, and history. Everything has a history or a story whether it is mankind or something made by mankind. It is the story that I want to know and share.

It is no wonder that I ended up being a blogger and contributing writer on several different internet platforms. As a small girl, I did not envision using a computer to do my writing but I am fulfilling a 50 year old dream.

One of my passions is

vintage illustration art like the one below
Good Housekeeping, June 1925

Bev Owens The Antique Specialist

Ephemera And Its Part Of My Story

I mentioned above that I work in the Antiques industry, that is my current day job. I specialize in old books and ephemera. It doesn't take much of a stretch to understand how I would become interested in dealing in old books. Why ephemera, you might be asking.

Maybe I should tell you what ephemera is, first. Basically it is old paper that was meant for use for a short span of time and then to be discarded. Things like old paper advertising, magazines, blotters, sheet music, and other forms of paper.

I am particularly passionate about the illustrators who did the covers for the magazines and sheet music, illustrated the books, and illustrated the forms of advertising. You have heard the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words and my fascination lies in the stories that are told from the illustrations. Each of them have a story to tell, so I enjoy writing about the illustrators and the advertising in general.

Native American Culture

A connection to Bev Owens

Spiritual And Ancestoral Background

of Bev Owens

Part of my ancestory and heritage comes from the Indigenous Peoples of North America or Native Americans. My Great-Grandfather ran away from an Indian Reservation when he was a young man. He would never reveal to us what Tribe we belong to as he feared he would be taken back to an awful place. We do know that his father, my Great-Great-Grandfather was of pure blood and that my Great-Great-Grandmother had one parent who was white and one parent who was Native. That is as far as Grandpa would go with the lineage, though.

My own spiritual path follows in the traditions of many Native Americans with no defined tribal tradtions. I try to walk the Sacred Path in my every day life and I like to teach others about the medicine that can be gained from our Spirit Guides. I write a blog that might interest you to further understand how I do this:

Native American Totems

I Love Being A Grandma

A little over five years ago, I became a Grandma. My own Grandma was a real inspiration in my life and I hope to be the same for my little grandchildren. Childhood is different today than it was when I was a child. I feel that too many parents of today forget to let their children be children and that bothers me.

I started a blog with a Grandma frame of mind. I recommend gifts for children but I make sure that they are age appropriate. If it is a toy, is it both educational and fun? When playing with the toy does it encourage development in cognitive growth or physical skills? I don't plan to just recommend material type gifts on the blog. I have plans to discuss the other gifts we give children like the gifts of time, respect, love, and most of all memories. I want to encourage other Grandparents to give their grandchildren gifts of that money can not buy. After all, those are the things that they will remember. Not the toy they got when they were 5 but the time Grandma let them make cupcakes and lick the beaters before they were washed.

Stop by and visit:

Gifts From Grandma

In A Nutshell...

just a little about me, Bev Owens

I feel fortunate to live in the time that I do where there are computers and the internet has opened up avenues for me to live my write. I have been lucky to find platforms to write about a variety of topics that I feel passionate about and I love to make entries on my personal blogs.

I am thrilled to be one of the pioneer authors here at and I thank the co-founders for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and stories as we grow together.

Updated: 01/30/2015, bev-owens
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annieangel on 08/26/2012

I really enjoyed reading this Bev - I can totally understand your love of history.

paperfacets on 10/20/2011

I enjoyed this story. I am impressed with your excellent writing. I going to build on my presence at Wizzley and am starting by visiting my Fanclub members.

T_Harmon_Art on 08/03/2011

My dad is 3/4 Native American, his mother full Choctaw, his father 1/2 Cherokee. Unfortunately, he was not close to his family and never spoke of them, so I never had the opportunity to know that side of the family. Despite that, I feel those strong roots that draw me so much to nature and animals. I am also a grandmother to a 3 yr. old girl, my world. It is the best thing in the world! You are so right about the gifts we give of ourselves. I know my granddaughter will remember the fun things we do together rather than the physical gifts I give her. I also love antiques and old books (have a few myself) so it seems we have a lot in common. I'll have to work on my wizzology this weekend and am glad I read yours has really inspired me. All the best to you!

tandemonimom on 06/19/2011

Lovely to get to know you a little better, Bev! Very cool that you know something about your Native American background. Mine goes back several generations further and is a bit more apocryphal - I'm not sure if I believe it's true or not!

Raintree on 06/15/2011

Lovely to get to know you, I enjoyed reading your page:)

ajgodinho on 06/09/2011

Great to get to know more about your through this Wizzley piece, Bev...thanks for sharing! :)

FlowerGardener on 06/09/2011

Awesome that you have been able to trace backwards to Native American blood. Me too!

WebWriter on 06/04/2011

Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing.

Sylvestermouse on 05/29/2011

I think we are the fortunate ones to be able to read what you write :)

RichLeigh on 05/28/2011

Was good to get to know a bit more about you.

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