Where to Find Great Kids Books for Summer Reading

by Thom

Resources and ideas for finding great kids books for their summer reading lists.

It's important that even though school is out to keep children reading and improving their literacy. Creating your summer reading lists is easy with the many resources around. Summer should include many books that the kids want to read and should also challenge their skills as a reader. Below you will find links to lists I created to books my kids have read at different grade levels.

Summer Books to Read

Why is it important to read during the summer?

As a student progresses during the school year, they learn and continue to improve upon their reading skills.  As the summer progresses, some of these skills are lost as kids play in the long summer hours.

In order to encourage children to read more, it is important to explore different books with them, but more importantly to find books that they want to read and will like to read.  Basically, the kids need to pick the books as summer reading should be more about fun and less about learning.

In creating a summer book list for your child, there are many resources that can be utilized. 

  1. Your school or school district may provide a recommended reading list for your son's or daughter's current reading level. 
  2. For those taking honors English or advanced language arts classes next year, the teacher may provide a required reading list.
  3. Most local libraries have reading lists by grade level, and if not, ask your librarian to recommend a book for you.
  4. Below are lists of books by grade levels that I have put together as my kids read during the year.
  5. If you are still looking for books to read, look at this page which has captured many Award Winning Books for Children.

If you still don't have an idea of what kind of books to read this summer, look at your child's interests in sports, music, video games, and collections.

Find Summer Books by Grade

9th Grade Summer Books
A list of books my daughter has read in 9th grade.

8th Grade Summer Books
A list of books my daughter has read in 8th grade.

7th Grade Summer Books
A list of books my daughter read while in 7th grade.

6th Grade Summer Books
A list of books my two oldest daughters read in 6th grade.

5th Grad Summer Books
A list of books my two eldest daughters read in fifth grade.

4th Grade Summer Books
A list of books for boys and girls that my children have read during fourth grade.

3rd Grade Summer Books
A list of books for boys and girls that my children read in third grade.

2nd Grade Summer Books
Books my son and daughter read in second grade.

1st Grade Summer Books
Books my kids read while in first grade.

Other Reading Materials

In addition to books, there are other reading options.  Magazines provide a way to focus in on a specific topic like camping, cars, and scouts.  For every sport, there are half a dozen magazine titles to choose from, you just need to subscribe to one of them.

Comic books are another way to encourage reading over the summer.  The nice things about comic books are that kids don't even know they are reading, it's more like a lot of fun.  There are classic comic books like Superman, Batman, Hulk, and other super heroes.  And then there are the more recent comic books like Pokeman, Yugioh, and others.

Other options are to find reading materials on the internet, such as blogs, or websites that have games that deal with reading.

Be Interested in Their Reading

My last thought on summer reading, is to stay engaged with your son or daughter.  Ask them questions about the book, what did they like or dislike about a book, who were the main characters, what decisions did the characters have to make, or what was the setting of the book.  Once you know a book's setting, it may be possible to take them on a trip to try and recreate that setting.

Updated: 01/06/2023, Thom
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sheilamarie on 06/19/2011

Summer is such a great time to read, as you can read things according to your own interests and not according to someone else's idea of what you should read. I can remember the books I chose to read during the summer growing up. Great to get lost in a book on a lazy summer day!

Guest on 06/12/2011

Good advice for students and parents alike.
Signing a contract or having a contest always works. :-)

AJ on 06/03/2011

This is such good advice - I am lucky that my girls need no encouragement to read and my biggest problem is keeping up with their demand for more stuff to read.

I am sure that reading to them both before they could read and long after they had learned is what has given them a love of books.

FlowerGardener on 06/02/2011

I do wish more parents encouraged their children to read. I started devouring books at 12, and haven't stopped. Unfortunately my son didn't follow in my footsteps. It helps immensly to find a book on a subject that they're interested in. From 12-16 my interest was horses :)

BarbRad on 06/02/2011

It helps sometimes to read some of the books your children have read so you can discuss them together when the child has finished them. That's one way to stay engaged. We also did take our children to see places they had read about, as well as reading books set in places where we would be traveling. Then they also got more from the traveling experience.

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