Bubble Machines & Bubble Wands for Kids

by Jimmie

Cure summer boredom with old fashioned play -- bubbles. Add a modern twist with automated bubble machines and elaborate bubble wands.

Blowing Bubbles for Outdoor Fun

bubbles for kids

Bubbles are an inexpensive but universally mesmerizing pastime. Babies can be calmed by offering them a few bubbles to stare at and reach for. Toddlers enjoy chasing them and popping them. Even school age children love gazing at the rainbow prisms they create and competing to blow the largest or longest lasting bubbles.

In short, everyone loves bubbles. As an adult, I still find blowing bubbles to be very calming.

Bubble machines make blowing bubbles easy for parents. Let the batteries provide the power. You just refill the bubble solution and sit back and enjoy.

Battery Operated Bubble Machines

The bubble machines above are all battery operated, so they can be taken to any outdoor location.

[Because bubbles leave a slippery wetness when they pop, bubble machines should be used outside where the ground or asphalt can absorb or counteract the slickness. Operating a bubble machine inside creates a high risk for falls.]

Can you blow 500 bubbles in a minute's time? Well, the Gazillion Bubble Machine can! It runs on 6 AA batteries.

The Kidoozie Bubble Machine is suitable for children ages 3 and up. What a great gift for a toddler who loves making and playing with bubbles. The handle on top makes it easy to carry around.

Outdoor Play with Bubbles
Outdoor Play with Bubbles

Bubbles in the Bath or for a Pet

Make bathtime more fun with a bubble machine in the bathroom. Imagine your child's delight at bathing with a shower of bubbles swirling around him or her. If bathtime is not appreciated, maybe a bubble machine will make it more enjoyable.

Some dogs love to chase bubbles, so much so that their owners tire of blowing them. A bubble machine makes it easy for your pet to have all the bubbles it wants. Just insert the batteries and let the machine do the bubble blowing!

Bubble Science

Take Bubbles to a Higher Level

With Huge Bubble Wands

Children who are ages six and up will enjoy the greater challenge of making supersized bubbles with these specialty wands. As the videos above demonstrate, there is a lot of science involved in making bubbles, and letting kids experiment is the best way for them to learn first hand.

Imagine making a 10-20 foot long bubble! You can do that with the Bubble Thing! Get a bubble wand and mix up some bubble solution and the kids will be begging to play outdoors this summer instead of sitting in front of the television.

Super Sized Bubble Making Tip: Windy days are going to make bubble creating difficult. So choose a calm day to use your Bubble Wands.

Grown Up Bubble Fun

When a Kiddie Machine Just Won't Do
Add a whimsical touch to your party or wedding with automatic bubble machines.
Updated: 12/17/2011, Jimmie
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Marie on 12/18/2011

My daughter is a big fan of bubbles and she has a large collection of bubble makers from small wands to giant wants and even electric powered ones. They are great fun for kids parties and, yes, adults seem to love them too. Pure fun.

Digby_Adams on 12/18/2011

It's not just kids that love bubble machines! I can't tell you the hours of fun I still have blowing bubbles with those little wands. I didn't know that you could calm little babies by letting them stare at bubbles. I'll have to tell my brother that one. He has a little six-month old baby that needs soothing once in awhile.

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