Butterfly Rings in Sterling Silver and (Semi)Precious Stones

by Mira

Some of these rings come with semiprecious or precious stones, like black and white diamonds, sapphire, marcasite, topaz, aquamarine, and citrine. They make great Christmas gifts.

I was at the mall yesterday, browsing around. There were lots of Christmas stalls, with gifts from jewelry to various hand-made clothing (hats and scarves, jackets, dresses, sweaters, shirts, skirts, etc.), lots of sweets (some Romanian, some Turkish or Lebanese), music and DVDs (and you could play with a touchscreen, after scanning any DVD’s bar code, to listen to anything they had available), books, some good wine, budget Christmas baskets, and so on. Unfortunately, pretty much everything, even the craft items, were rather expensive. I love buying from artisans but this Christmas it did not happen.

Anyway, I returned to these Christmas gifts areas after I bought a film ticket (to a film I’m still thinking about, by the Cohen brothers, titled Inside Llewyn Davis – another one of those “deceptively simple” movies I like) . . . but instead of spending some more time at these stalls I stepped into a jewelry shop I had never been in before.

I haven’t bought gold or silver jewelry in a very long time. I did buy some crafted rings though these past few years. But this time I felt that next year I’d like to buy something in gold or silver. And so I stepped into the jewelry store thinking of a vague New Year resolution: a new ring, to replace an old one I've been wearing for years. I left wishing to find next year a great butterfly ring in silver and a semiprecious or precious stone.

October 18, 2020

I have updated the prices on this page on October 18, 2020 (and, before that, on August 9, 2018). I have also removed some products and added others, as not all the rings I initially wrote about here are still available on Amazon.

A Butterfly Ring in Sterling Silver with Black and White Diamonds, Now $218.30


Back to the Mall for a Moment

I was telling you about my visit to a jewelry store at the mall. First thing I noticed upon entering the light-filled display area was that they had lots of bling jewelry: lots (and I mean lots) of zirconia set in yellow and/or white gold. Some of it seemed fine for an occasion or two, but not for a ring that you would want to wear all (most of) the time. So then I asked about some of the displays behind me.

And that’s when I saw the most beautiful butterfly ring, with topaz and tiny diamonds, set in 18K white gold. I looked at the price and reeled: some 7,200 lei, which comes to around 1,600 euros. The best part was that it was part of a set: ring, necklace, and earrings. Imagine the total cost. But the stone, the diamonds (which I didn't stop to inspect closely -- not that I could figure much about them if I did), and the workmanship were exquisite.

It made me realize that I may like expensive jewelry after all, even if I may never have the money for it – or want to spend my money on it, should I ever have it. Some expensive jewelry – two years ago my eye was caught in an antiques store by an Art Deco platinum ring – is, indeed, great art.

And as with paintings, you can be content with admiring it, every now and then, for a short while.

Now, some paintings you like you may actually get to afford. Same with jewelry. Amazon offers many butterfly rings that may appeal to various kinds of jewelry lovers. The prices are very good: many such rings sell for under $50 or $60, and some great ones actually go for under $25.

I saw a filigree necklace at a Christmas booth the other day, and it reminded me about the beauty of silver and working in silver (once I even thought of taking a silver jewelry class as a hobby). But Amazon sells this kind of stuff for much cheaper.

Here's a more intricate design in sterling silver. Not quite filigree, but close.

Personally, for lack of a real butterfly ring in filigree silver (and they are hard to find), I prefer a hollow butterfly design like the one below to the right (with cubic zirconia).

Aimimier Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Rind Sparkling Crystal. Only $9.98


Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring. Now $22.95


AeraVida Cute Flying Butterfly Family .925 Sterling Silver Ring. $22.99

AeraVida Cute Flying Butterfly Family .925 Sterling Silve...

Kemstone .925 Sterling Silver Dainty Butterfly Ring with CZ. $22

Kemstone 925 Sterling Silver Dainty Butterfly CZ Ring Wom...

Butterfly rings, however, tend to look better when they're set with precious or semiprecious stones. One of them is marcasite. It's not very expensive, but with the right design it can be quite impactful.

Silver Butterfly Ring with Simulated Opal and CZ. $22.99


Vintage Butterfly Ring, Silver and Marcasite. $59


Then there are sterling silver butterfly rings with more costly semiprecious stones. Here's one with blue topaz, even if the topaz is not in the wings of the butterflies.

And then I'm showing a butterfly brooch I found, because I think it's amazing. Silver with amethyst and marcasite.

.925 Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring with Blue Topaz. $47.99


Silver Butterfly Brooch and Amethyst and Marcasite. $125.99


There are also black diamonds. The ring I’ve showed you at the beginning of this article, where the butterfly’s wings are done in black diamonds, and the wings' contours in white diamonds, is rather striking. In fact, it makes me think of a wearer with a darker, or, if not, a more mysterious personality.

For people who like a friendlier kind of butterfly, there are many rings out there with white cubic zirconia (CZ), but many of them are shoddily made and the stones fall out. I say it's better to get a ring with genuine gemstones because these jewelry pieces are of better quality overall: quality of the stones, design, and manufacture.

Back to beautiful, colorful semiprecious and precious stones, here’s a ring in sterling silver and sapphire. Of the four precious stones – diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald – sapphire and emerald are my favorites. These stones can be both understated and gorgeous. The more you look at them, the more they have to offer. They’re not cheap, so I’m surprised, again, that Amazon offers the silver ring below at such a good price. This may be a great gift for your girlfriend or wife this Christmas. Even women who are not much into jewelry tend to love semiprecious and precious stones. 

The second ring below is made in 14K white gold, as jewelry often is when paired with an expensive gemstone like sapphire.

.925 Silver Ring with Genuine Blue Sapphire, $49


14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, with Hearts and Butterflies, $599


While sapphire usually calls for gold, I really like blue topaz and transparent aquamarine with silver myself, as well as citrine.

Topaz, aquamarine, and citrine are some of my favorite gemstones, which is why I included them here, but if you're looking for other colors and stones, there are bound to be some nice butterfly designs that includes them.

Mettle .925 Sterling Silver Natural Yellow Citrine & White Topaz Butterfly Ring. $47.99


Genuine Aquamarine and White Topaz Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring, $35.62


Happy Holidays!

If these rings are only close to what you’re looking for, that is to say not really your thing or your partner’s, friend, teenage daughter or niece, feel free to click on the butterfly ring that inspires you the most, and you will find similar items.

Have a great holiday season!

Updated: 12/10/2020, Mira
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Mira on 02/06/2016

I don't know if I'll write an article but I'll surely be photographing around to see what artisans have created this year :)

DerdriuMarriner on 02/04/2016

Mira, Very nice selection. It's quite a striking combination, the black diamonds with the silver.
Do you have time to write a Wizzley article about martisor what with March being just around the corner?

Mira on 04/16/2014

I'm still very impressed with the one with black diamonds, but it's a little too dark for my tastes.
I think butterfly rings are nice for little girls, too.

sheilamarie on 04/13/2014

Some pretty options for butterfly lovers. I like the one with sapphires.

Mira on 03/18/2014

Thank you, Violette! :)

VioletteRose on 03/18/2014

Beautiful selection of butterfly rings, they look so pretty :) the Embers ring look so nice!

Mira on 12/30/2013

Thank you, ologsinquito!

ologsinquito on 12/29/2013

I'm pinning this to my "Wizzley Writing Board."

Mira on 12/13/2013

Thank you, Shraddha! I really like butterflies, too. And you're right, butterfly pendants are really nice, too!

WriterArtist on 12/13/2013

Butterflies are my favourite - they look awesome in jewellery, pendants and rings. Love the selections.

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