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by dustytoes

Stitch markers are a knitters best friend and you will see why once you begin to knit a pattern.

If you are just beginning to knit or crochet, you may wonder when you would ever need to use stitch markers. You may believe they are only for the advanced knitters. You would be wrong.

Stitch markers are easy to use. They come in many varieties and sizes. From plain plastic circles to ornate decorative themes, you will come to love your stitch markers.

How Many Stitch Markers Would You Need?

How many projects will you work on at once, and how many different size needles will be used?

When I first began knitting, I wondered why I would need a bunch of stitch markers.  All I was knitting was simple scarves and hats.  I used one marker on a hat knit in the round to mark the beginning of the circle.

As I began to knit more intricate projects, I realized why I would need bunches of markers.  

Any time a pattern will repeat itself, placing markers to section off the repeat is helpful.  You can see this in the knitting basket photo of mine below where I was knitting a shawl.  Marking each repeat helped me keep track of the stitches so mistakes could be caught quickly.

Color changes may require markers, as will increases and decreases.

In other words, there are many times within any one project where I will need to be reminded of something... and a stitch marker does that.

Each project will probably require it's own number of markers.  Does any knitter ever have only one project going at a time?  

Hence the need for bunches of markers.

My Basket of Knitting With Markers Showing - I Need Cute Markers!

Simple markers work well when they must be placed at close intervals.
Stitch markers used when knitting a shawl
Stitch markers used when knitting a shawl

"Pretty Warm Designs" sells handmade markers at Amazon

The colorful beaded markers come in storage tins.

Pretty Warm Designs has a collection of colorful stitch markers.

They also offer clasp markers which can be attached to, or removed from, yarn.  Crocheters need this type, and I have used them when I don't want to keep moving the ring markers.

Click the image here to see more at the store on Amazon.

Make Your Own Stitch Markers

If you are knitting along and decide you need to mark your place, but alas, you don't own any stitch markers, go to your jewelry box.

A loop type earring can be used as a stitch marker.  I have a couple of old earrings which have no partner, and I use them when I need a special marker.

Anything with a loop - even a scrap piece of yarn - can be used to mark your place.

If you make jewelry, are a crafty person, or want to start selling your own stitch markers, Amazon sells rings, pliers and lots of things to embellish those rings.  You could make yourself some very unique stitch markers and create some special gifts for other knitters you know.

Stitch Markers and How They Are Mentioned in Patterns

While knitting you may see the initials PM or SM which refer to using stitch markers.

PM is to "place marker".  As you knit along the pattern designer will advise to add a marker to the needle to mark this place for one reason or another.  It could be needed for a number of reasons, such as making an increase or decrease.  To mark the beginning of a round or pattern of stitches.  Simply take a marker and slip it over the needle in your right hand.  

SM means to "slip the marker".  As you knit along and come to the marker, simply slip it to the right hand needle from the left.

Not all patterns will mention markers, but experienced knitters will place their own markers to help them remember what to do.

Some markers are used as row counters for more elaborate patterns.

How and When to Use Stitch Markers

The most commonly used stitch markers are either loops that do not open, or removable clasps of some type.

Both types can be saved on a cute OWL stitch marker holder like the one shown here.  It clips to clothing so stitch markers are nearby at all times - pretty clever!

Both types of markers can be used when knitting, but the non-opening loops won't work for crocheters.  They will need to choose clasps to attach to the yarn.

When using a marker while knitting, simply slip the loop over the needle where a reminder is needed.

In the photo below, I am knitting a hat.  One marker was placed at the beginning of the round to alert me to a new row.  While knitting on circular needles, it is easy to knit past the beginning without a marker.  When I reach that marker I know the row is complete.

Now I will slip that marker from the left to right needle and continue on.  I can take it off the needle whenever I want, once I reach the end of the row.

Place marker and slip it from L to R, then continue with pattern

I have only one marker on this hat to tell me when each row in the round is complete.
This marker tells me I've reached the end of the round (row knit in round)
This marker tells me I've reached the end of the round (row knit in round)

Choose the correct size marker loops to fit needles.

Look for something that will not snag the yarn.

Knitting needles come in various sizes so purchase stitch markers that are larger enough to fit over the needles you plan to use.

If the marker's loop is too small for needles they can't be used.  Bigger is better, but not so big that the loops get in the way.  Loop size doesn't have to be exact, just large enough to slip over the needle.

Some makers offer small or large sizes.  Small loops will work for knitting lace, sweaters, hats, mittens and anything made with typical size yarn.

Larger loops can be used on big needles which are used for bulky or chunky knitting.  A large marker can also be used on small needles.

Often the seller will list markers at "snag free" or something like that to tell the buyer that it won't snag the yarn as you knit over the marker.

"Jill's Beaded Knit Bits"

Pretty teal set of markers

This pretty set of markers comes with eight loop markers and one unique clasp marker.

Check out her store

Jill's Beaded Knit Bits

for more knitting accessories such as stitch counters, and other knitter jewelry.

Celtic Knot

This set is also from Jill's Beaded Knit Bits store.

Click the image to see more about this handmade product.

Simple and Affordable Set of 100 Soft Stitch Markers - Various sizes to choose from

Some crafters prefer soft markers which are simple and plain.
(100 Pack) Soft Stitch Ring Markers (...(100 Pack) Soft Stitch Ring Markers, ...
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Veronica on 08/27/2018

odd earrings as markers …. wowwww inspired . great idea . TY Masterclass

dustytoes on 08/25/2018

I've actually used earrings as markers - I keep odd ones (when I've lost the matching one) to use that way. As far as markers as earrings, I have no idea!

DerdriuMarriner on 08/25/2018

dustytoes, Thank you for the backstory and products. No, I don't use stitch markers or know of anyone who does. But they make sense for intricate and in-the-round knitting and -- because of frequent interruptions, such as ringing doors and phones -- for place-tracking.
In a different but somewhat related direction, would the earring-like ones work as earrings or is the metal far wider than it looks?

Veronica on 08/02/2018

heck no... they look really useful. If I wasn't just off to bed I would look them up now but will do tomorrow

dustytoes on 08/02/2018

Really, you have never heard of stitch markers? I am very surprised. Maybe it's only us beginner knitters who need them!

Veronica on 08/02/2018

No I have never ever heard of them. But what a marvellous idea and so pretty. I will be buying some thank you so much for posting.

I am so delighted with how you have taken to knitting. It's a lovely craft.

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