Buy, Sell, & Restore Your Auto on Free Classified Ads

by JoyLynskey

Do You Buy and Sell Autos? You may want to read here for some quick hints and tips on how to make a lucrative business from buying and selling autos.

If you are in the business of buying and selling automobiles, you should definitely place your stake in the best classified ad service online that you can find. There are a few important elements to look for when researching the best place for your ad.

You will want to avoid those sites that are sources of spam or identity theft and head to sites that do not sell your private information for any reason, ever. Read on for some tips on how to find the right source of free advertising, as well as tips on the best way to sell your autos online.

Buy, Restore,& Sell

Many mechanics enjoy the concept of taking an older vehicle, much like the one in this photo, and turning it into a fully restored fine piece of machinery. There is a lot of money in doing so. Most of those who do this type of auto restoration will use a classified ad service to look for new purchases, and to sell restored pieces. This is the perfect place to carry out this type of buy and sell for profit service.

  • Online Classified Services Offer Free Posting Options
  • Online Classified Services are Commonly Used for Selling Used or Salvage Autos
  • Users Who Sell Autos on Classified Services Commonly Do So in a Close Locale

This hopefully means that if you find a listing in your local section of the classified ad section you use, that this means it will be close enough to you to physically go to for a check. Depending on the type of restoration you plan to do, you will want to know what the main issues with the aged auto are:

  • Body Damage
  • Engine Damage
  • Transmission Status
  • Interior Condition
  • Electrical Condition
  • Water-Damage

Being able to physically inspect what it may take to restore an auto is imperative if your budget is strict.

Do You Use Classified Ad Sites to Buy and Sell Autos?

Getting the Most Bang for Your Mechanical Buck the extent of the damage to the auto you purchase through the classified ad service is highly important. In this way a mechanic will know if the cost of the parts to repair or restore will be higher than the highest value of the car once restored. For this reason, it is also very important to have a few years of auto mechanic services under your belt, as well as a working knowledge of pricing and parts in new forms or those from salvage yards when applicable.

However, everyone does have to start somewhere. The best way to purchase an auto to restore to make a healthy profit is to weigh:

The Cost of the Auto + The Cost of Parts + Labor Hours - The Price of Sale = Profit

If you walk through this formula and determine that the profit isn't enough for your tastes, you should move onto the next auto and continue to weigh your options fully.

Updated: 11/07/2011, JoyLynskey
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Do You Restore Autos?

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