Catholic Wrapping Paper

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A selection of different Catholic gift wrapping paper, depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels and the saints.

Catholics exchange presents on birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, at Christmas. But there are other occasions throughout the year as well. Sometimes, we'll buy one another a present on the feast day of a saint. We also give First Holy Communion presents, as well as Confirmation gifts. Or, we may remember the day someone entered religious life, and give a present in appreciation of them giving their lives to God.

One way to really make these presents special is to wrap them in Catholic gift wrapping paper. There are some very unique papers of Our Lady, the saints and the angels, designed by Zazzle, an online gift shop with products created by various artists who commission their work.

All of the papers shown below are made of the highest-quality glossy, heavy-weight paper. These rolls are available in different sizes and quantities.

These are all printed on high-quality stock, and will not be found in a brick and mortar store. Here is a selection of beautiful Catholic gift wrap.

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Madonna and Child Wrapping Paper

As the Mother of God, we consider Mary our Heavenly Mother, who is quick to pray for us and to intercede on our behalf. We have full confidence that Jesus will listen to His Mother, just as He did at the Wedding Feast of Cana, when the wedding couple ran out of wine. Even though it was not yet His time for public ministry, he listened to his Mother's urgent request, in order to save the couple and their family the public embarrassment of running out of wine to serve their wedding guests.

The wrapping paper shown below is covered with a beautiful Renaissance-style Madonna and Child print, on a gold background, as Mary is often depicted hold the infant Jesus.

Saint Nicholas Wrapping Paper

Saint Nicholas of Myna was a bishop who lived in what is now Turkey. He was a very generous man known for a number of miracles when he was alive, which is why he was sometimes called, "Nicholas the wonder worker."

There is one pious legend that depicts his giving nature. There was an impoverished father with three daughters. This man did not have enough money to pay a dowry, which could have meant the girls might have been tempted to earn money in a way that would damage their virtue. Saint Nicholas is reputed to have gone to the house at night, tossing three gold-filled purses into an open window, enough to allow the girls to marry.

Saint Nicholas was also known for giving secret gifts, if people in his flock left their shoes outside their door. He would fill the shoes with presents, which is why he is also associated with Santa Claus, also known as "St. Nick."

Guardian Angel Wrapping Paper

It is Catholic teaching that each of us is assigned a Guardian angel and the moment of our conception, when life begins. These good angels stay with us throughout our lives, protecting us from the fallen angels who try to tempt us into sin. They also guard us against temporal dangers.

Catholic children are taught at a young age to call upon their guardian angel if they are tempted, discouraged or afraid. There is also a special prayer they are taught, which begins, "Angel of God, my guardian dear."

The guardian angel wrapping paper below would be perfect to wrap a baby present, a First Holy Communion present or a Confirmation gift.

Virgin Mary Wrapping Paper

The richly detailed gift wrapping paper shown below is another traditional version of Madonna and child, set against a deep blue background, and framed with roses, a flower often associated with Our Blessed Mother. Catholics also consider blue to be Mary's color, because, historically, it has been associated with royalty.

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ologsinquito on 11/04/2014

Hi WriterArtist, I liked these papers too. They would make great wrapping for a religious gift.

WriterArtist on 11/03/2014

The Catholic wrapping papers look good and unique. Good idea for presents, especially for spiritual and religious gifts. They are great for the Christmas which is round the corner.

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