Cell | A Stephen King Novel

by CountrySunshine

The novel "Cell" by Stephen King, is a fictional account of what happens when technology goes haywire.

Cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and mp3 players seem to be a must-have accessory in today’s world. If you are not “connected” with one or more of these devices, you’re most likely “technology illiterate”!

However, if you are one of the few that believes technology can be a curse rather than a blessing, you’ll find that Cell, by Stephen King, is a nightmare that could come true. A creepy story of cell phones taking over the minds of users will leave you wondering whether it is time to turn off yours!

The Story

The main character, Clayton Riddell, is an average man striving to become an illustrator and writer.  He travels to Boston, where he finally makes his big break, and is on his way home to Maine to celebrate his success with his wife and young son.  

Within minutes of Clayton's decision to start his journey home, an event known as “The Pulse” occurs, turning every day citizens into mindless, flesh-eating zombies.  What entails next is rioting and bedlam, described in gory detail.

Clayton soon realizes that cell phones have originated "The Pulse", and fears his wife and son may have succumbed to it.  He begins his journey back home to Maine, traveling at night to avoid the afflicted.  Along the way, he meets up with other Pulse survivors, and together they attempt to wipe out the phone-crazies.

To keep you in suspense, this is all of the story line I will share.  However, I will state that this book shows how cell phones could potentially be used by terrorists, hackers or other unsavory characters to undermine civilization as we know it.

While it is strictly fictional, the horror of Cell will give you pause, and perhaps, make you want to turn off your phone permanently!

More Stephen King

Stephen King has written 50 horror novels, in addition to approximately 200 short stories. Many of his novels have been adapted into movies, such as “Carrie”, “The Shining” and “Misery”.  While most are quite imaginative, many – including “Cell” and “Misery” – draw upon your imagination because they have elements that are real.

They are all quite creepy, and not for the faint of heart!  I’ve been enjoying his novels for years, and can never get enough!

Stephen King, Comicon

Updated: 03/16/2016, CountrySunshine
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