Chinese Love Symbol Christmas Gifts

by Roohi

Chinese love symbol is found in jewelry, clothing, home decor items, and even Christmas ornaments. Take a look at some unique items to gift this Christmas or anytime of the year.

Nothing says love better than the love symbol

Love is just a four-letter word in English. However, the feelings it expresses are much deeper and stronger than these four letters. This is probably the reason why people are constantly looking for different ways to express their love. This Christmas use the Chinese love symbol to express your feelings to your loved ones. 

What is the Chinese love symbol?

The symbol of love as used in this wonderful country is a beautiful way of expressing your love and emotions to the person who means everything to you. Of course, this is not confined to your beloved. It also concerns your parents, your children, your friends and everyone who add meaning to your life. 

The symbol looks something like this  


It is pronounced as ài, rhymes with the English word "eye".



However, this is the simplified version of this symbol. In traditional Chinese, it is written as



Again, it is pronounced as ài.






A close look at this love symbol will show you the character that means heart. It is present right in the middle symbol. Just take a look at this character in the middle. 心 This is the xīn and means the heart. 

The heart is in the middle of the characters that mean "accept", "feel", or "perceive", basically showing graceful emotion. 

Combine these characters and you get the symbol of love in Chinese. It means loving people through your heart and your actions. 

The symbol gives a wonderful meaning to love. Love is pure and it comes from the heart. However, if your actions do not express your feelings, your love may not be complete. So, if you want to love someone, love them completely with your heart and show it through your actions as well.


The origin of the Chinese love symbol

The concept of this love symbol was first developed by a Chinese philosopher by the name of Mozi in the 4th century BC. The symbol was used as a means to stress the importance of unconditional love and the need to offer it to everyone universally. The love offered should be without any expectation of reciprocation and should be given not to just family, friends, and people from one's clan but to everyone. 

Sometime later, the character began to be used for passionate caring love in Chinese Buddhism and selfless Ai or love was considered to be the key factor towards achieving enlightenment. These days, Ai is used to refer to the Western concept of love.

Use of the Chinese Symbol of Love

The love symbol is quite often used as a feng shui cure to attract romance and love. There are many products available online these days with the symbol printed on them. You can find T-shirts, ties, pendants, and charm bracelets and rings. Even iphone covers with this symbol are quite popular these days. Coasters, mugs, switch covers, showpieces, tiles and many more products are available to add to your home decor. 

These can easily be given as Christmas gifts to your loved ones or you could just buy one for yourself as well. Take a look at some cool accessories that include the Chinese symbol of love.


Buy This Cool Poster

Chinese Symbol Of Love - Chinese Writing

Gift these iPhone Cases This Christmas

Buy this beautiful snap-on case with the love symbol for your Apple iphone. The case allows easy access to all the buttons and also covers the back and corner of the phone. The plastic cover is hard and durable and is decorated with swarovski crystal elements. There is a blue case for the boys and a pink case for the girls. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule there. Just pick the color that you like. Don't forget to check out the other colors. These are also available in light blue, hot pink, black and lime green colors.

Cool T-shirt gifts

Take a look at some T-shirts with the Chinese love symbol. Buy it for children, your friends, or just get one for yourself. 

Express your love with this beautiful pendant

This beautiful pendant is quite a unique way to say "I love you" to your beloved. The pendant is made of sterling silver and it comes with an 18 inches chain.

If you want to add a little more love, buy the matching bracelet.

Of course, the ensemble cannot be complete without a ring.

Chinese love symbol products for your homes

Add to your home decor by using these items or just gift it your best friend. 

Christmas ornaments with the Chinese love symbol

Use the love symbol as a seat cover in your trucks, SUV and cars!

Chinese love symbol gifts can be a unique way to say "I Love You". If you want to express your feelings in a different language, nothing can really beat the Chinese language. Try these unique Christmas gifts and you are sure to bring a smile on the face of the one you love.

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Updated: 12/02/2012, Roohi
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Roohi on 09/08/2012

Yes, indeed Mira. It is kind of what love is all about anyway, right? Thanks for stopping by!

Mira on 09/07/2012

So you're saying this character for love devised by Mozi combines the characters for heart, accept, feel, and perceive? That's a neat idea :-) I've seen this symbol on necklace pendants.

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