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by timgraphics

See my top ten tips below

Here in the UK, last winter was a really cold one. Sadly, I lost a few plants to the frost simply because I was unprepared. It wasn't that I lacked a greenhouse, I just lacked a functioning greenhouse. Mine was old and neglected, with broken glass everywhere and a very leaky roof. The wooden staging was rotting away and the wintry wind whistled through the holes in the panes.

Give your delicate plants a chance over the winter.

It was certainly not the place to protect delicate plants. Then, over the summer I aquired a number of pot plants that would need some TLC over the winter, especially a gorgeous exotic Agapanthus.

And,of course, a place to bring on seedlings in the spring would make a huge difference to my gardening.

I did quite a bit of research about the best new greenhouse I could buy and this is why I thought I would write about the top tips on choosing a greenhouse.

My little greenhouse
My little greenhouse

Ten top tips for choosing a greenhouse

With so many types and designs on the market, the best approach I found was to make notes about what my requirements really were and not be seduced just by the looks.

  1. Be clear about your budget. This will help to eliminate the more exotic designs from your list. Don't forget about the cost of staging.
  2. How permanent does it have to be? If you want to take it with you when you move in a year or two, look at plastic covered greenhouses you can take down easily. Even an aluminium framed version with glass panes can be taken down and moved.
  3. How important are the looks? Plastic covered structures are not the best looking.  There are many glass designs that will look wonderful on your property.
  4. A glass greenhouse is the best option for sturdiness and allowing in maximum light. Glass is best for reflecting heat back into the structure.
  5. Choose the size carefully. Measure where it is to go. Will it be situated where it gets full sun? Will it be a lean-to design against a wall or freestanding?
  6. How much head room will you need? You will be working in it and constant stooping is not good for your back!
  7. Will the doorway be wide enough for your needs? Will you be pushing a wheelbarrow in and out?
  8. Choose a model with good ventilation. Remember a greenhouse can get very hot in summer.
  9. Consider heating your greenhouse in the depths of winter, and the costs involved.
  10. Think about insulating your greenhouse; plastic bubble wrap is excellent for this, and can save 50% of your heating costs.

Best price greenhouse - click the photo

Greenline 6-by-8-Foot Backyard Hobby Greenhouse
I wish . . .
I wish . . .
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katiem2 on 01/22/2012

Oh my I've been wanting a green house forever, just thought it was a dream but after having read your article on choosing the best green house, I now know this is within reach and in fact very doable. I'm thrilled I too can own my very own green house. This is awesome. Thanks :) Katie

timgraphics on 01/17/2012

I'm sure it does Lissie - and a team of window cleaners!

Lissie on 01/16/2012

I like the last one :-) - but does it come with gardeners?

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