Christmas Ornaments for Home Cooks

by sockii

Do you know someone who is an avid home cook - or maybe you are yourself? If so, check out this collection of fun Christmas ornaments all about home cooking.

Are you someone who just absolutely loves cooking? Or do you know someone who does, and for whom cooking is one of their favorite hobbies?

If so, then check out some of these creative and adorable Christmas ornaments themed around cooking and food. You'll find everything from miniature pots and pans to busy little S'mores angels baking up a storm for the holidays; there are a lot of fun and fabulous ornaments available.

Maybe you could even do an entire tree in a food-and-cooking theme...I'll share some more ideas for that below along with my picks for some of the coolest cookware Christmas ornaments available.

Gingerbread bakers: a delightful set of three! These cute gingerbread men are ready to get to work in your kitchen making holiday delights. A perfect gift to start off a kitchen/cooking-themed ornament assortment for the Christmas tree. (Kids who love helping out in the kitchen, making Christmas cookies, are sure to get a kick out of these, too.)

Chef-Themed Ornaments

Showing off that cooking pride

These ornaments would be fun for a professional chef, or perhaps someone who aspires to be one, someday! Maybe you've got a son or daughter in culinary school (or planning to apply to one), or have a family member who dreams of being the next "MasterChef" or "Chopped Champion". If so one of these is sure to be a delightful surprise.

A beautiful blown glass ornament with hand-painted details. Made in Germany, this lovely ornament comes in a gift box perfect for gift-giving and keeping safe for years to come.

A perfect companion to the chef's jacket ornament, made by the same glass company from Germany. Part of the "Delicious Forever Christmas Ornament Collection".

Did you know...?

The traditional chef's uniform dates back to the 19th century. White was chosen as the official color to represent cleanliness in the kitchen. The chef's hat is known as a "toque blanche", but head coverings have been worn by cooks for centuries (no one wants hair in their food!)

This proud chef is the master of her kitchen in this super-cute ornament!

This funny ornament is perfect for whomever is the master chef/host of your family's Christmas gatherings. It's an old-fashioned stove-top/oven loaded up with holiday meal favorites: a roast turkey, muffins, pie, cake...and mashed potatoes? This one is sure to get a laugh if you gift it to the busy home cook in your life.

Who is the "Top Chef" in your household?

What's so cute about this ornament is the neck "ties" on the apron serve to hang the ornament on your tree! Decorated with glitter, it will sparkle and shine under the tree lights. This apron is well-stocked for cooking with a mitton, spoon, spatula, and whisk accessories.

How about Christmas ornaments made of food?

Here are some cool crafting ideas if you like to make your own ornaments
  • Homemade Real Food Christmas Ornaments - CHEESESLAVE

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  • The Nickel Pincher: 9 Easy, Edible Holiday Ornaments | Rodale News

    Ditch the plastic, dollar-store ornaments this year, and decorate your tree with homemade, edible creations.

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments Made from Foods | Solo Foods

    Learn how to make a wide variety of Christmas ornaments using simple foods!

  • 5 Easy, DIY Holiday Ornaments Made With Food : Gothamist

    Luckily you can create your own tree ornaments with ingredients already in your kitchen cupboard. It takes a little effort to make some of these ornaments but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying them in a store.

Cookware Ornaments

Pots, pans and other kitchen necessities

Dress up your tree with all of those kitchen utensils, cookware  and appliances that you can't live - or cook - without!

It looks like a cast iron skillet...but it's really made of glass! A wonderful collectible ornament complete with tasty looking bacon and eggs.

An adorable set of vintage-looking blenders and mixers in pastel colors. Includes one of each...perhaps it will remind you of cooking in your mother or grandmother's kitchen when you were younger. Or it could be perfect for anyone who loves vintage-themed items and decorations, too! Made of resin, these ornaments are sturdy and will provide years of decoration enjoyment.

If those vintage mixers just wasn't doing it for you, check out these two sparkly ornaments! Each features a different style of more modern mixer made of colorful, bright glass. One is a hand mixer, complete with colorful mixing bowl. The other is a large electric stand mixer in brilliant red.

Baking or cooking:

Which does your chef prefer?

A measuring cup full of flour usually = lots of delicious Christmas treats! Made by Hallmark so it's perfect for collectors.

A good home chef knows all about the concept of "mise en place" - everything in its place. That means preparing all of your ingredients and keeping them organized and handy before you begin to cook, to make it all go more smoothly in the kitchen. This cute resin ornament is quite large (4"x3") so it will stand out well on your tree. A great gift ornament for the serious home cook.

The cooking principle of "Mise en place" is important in helping to organize both restaurant and home kitchen environments.

Maybe you know someone who is a little "too" obsessed with their slow-cooker and tries to cook everything in it. If so, they should definitely get a kick out of this ornament, made of brilliant, mouth-blown glass.

Homemade Cookie Ornaments? Why not!

A great idea to dress up a food-themed tree
Homemade cookie ornaments
Homemade cookie ornaments

Fun Ideas for a "Foodie" Themed Christmas Tree

Crafts and cool ornaments you can make to keep the cooking theme going

Edible candy ornaments, popcorn garlands...there are other ways you can bring a chef's touch to a Christmas tree besides the ornaments shown above. Check out these YouTube tutorials for great ideas and inspiration.

According to this fun ornament, it's "a pinch of cheer, a dash of laughter" and a "heap of friends and family". Of course, having a really good cook in the kitchen fixing up holiday treats doesn't hurt, either!

...But Don't Forget a "Pinch of Love"!

Hallmark 2014 A Pinch of Love Ornament

Stir up the holiday cheer with this mixing bowl ornament, all done up in Christmas colors of red and green. I'm not sure what they could be baking up in those bright colors, but it would still make for a fun decoration for your Christmas tree!

A "Kitchen Tree" can be a fun idea for a cooking enthusiast!

Check out this example with ornaments like rolling pins and spoons...
Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree

More food-themed ornaments you can make yourself...

Updated: 10/25/2018, sockii
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