Family Fiesta Picnic Cinco de Mayo Celebration

by kelleyward

Looking for a way to get the whole family together fiesta style? Here are ideas for how you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo with food, family, and outdoor fun.

Spring is a perfect time to get the whole family outdoors. A picnic is a great way your family can celebrate Cinco de Mayo together. Traditional picnics in the United States include foods like fried chicken, deli meats, hamburgers and hot dogs. A fiesta style picnic is fun way to add a great tasting twist on a traditional style picnic you're entire family will enjoy.

Cinco de Mayo

Celebration in the United States

Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated on May 5th, in Mexico and throughout the United States. Many people think that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico Independence Day but Cinco de Mayo is a way to celebrate the Mexican victory over the French army in The Battle of The Puebla in 1862.

Throughout the United States, especially along the United States-Mexican border people take part in the Cinco de Mayo celebration as a way of celebrating the Mexican culture of food, drinks, dancing, music, and other customs specific to Mexico.

If you are looking for a new way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your family this year a fiesta family picnic is a great place to start.

The Traditional Picnic Seen On TV

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Cinco de Mayo

The History
Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on May 5. It is celebrated nationwide in the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla, where the holiday is called El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla. The date is observed in...

Map of Mexico


Pictures from Our Fiesta Family Picnic

Preparing for Picnic
Preparing for Picnic
Kelley Ward, Copyright 2012 All Right...
Chicken with Salsa
Chicken with Salsa
Kelley Ward, Copyright 2012 All Right...

Family Fiesta Picnic Preparation

Working Together

Our family planned, prepared, and participated in this family fiesta picnic to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Earlier that day morning we prepared fresh homemade salsa so the salsa would have time to set and cool before the picnic that evening. 

Each family member had an important part in preparing for the celebration. I sauteed the diced chicken in the homemade salsa for the fiesta pizzas we were getting ready to prepare. With adult supervision our oldest son used food scissors to create the tortilla chips. He cut the tortillas into the shape of peppers and jalapenos to celebrate the Mexican culture and traditional Mexican cuisine. After the tortillas were cut he placed them on a oven tray, sprayed them with spray butter, and added salt and pepper. I placed the tortilla chips into the oven to cook at 375 degrees F until they were slightly brown and crisp.

Meanwhile my husband prepared the guacamole using fresh avocados, a splash of fresh lime juice, a tablespoon of finely diced red onions and a dash of habanero pepper. Our 4-year-old son gathered the quilt for our picnic blanket while our toddler carried the plastic green and orange plates and flatware to the picnic area in the backyard.

Our older two boys created their own pizzas using thick flour tortillas covered with a thin layer of spaghetti sauce, diced chicken sauteed with the homemade salsa. Then they added the cheese, their favorite part to the pizza. After the pizzas were baked and cooled we all added thinly sliced avocado to give the pizzas vibrant color and a touch of authentic fiesta flare..  

A Team Effort Preparing for the Picnic

Helping prepare for the picnic
Helping prepare for...
Kelley Ward, Copyri...
Cutting out tortilla chips
Cutting out tortill...
Kelley Ward, Copyri...
Salsa and tortilla homemade chips
Salsa and tortilla ...
Kelley Ward, Copyri...
Fiesta Pizza Prepared by the Boys
Fiesta Pizza Prepar...
Kelley Ward, Copyri...
Easy Bake Fiesta Tortilla Pizza

Easy Bake Fiesta Tortilla Pizza

An easy bake pizza made with flour or corn tortillas and toppings

Prep time 5 min  -  Total time 15 min  -  120 cal/serv
Ingredients for 4 servings
Flour Tortillas 4  • Non-Stick Cooking Spray  • Diced seasoned chicken 2-3 cups  • Pizza or Spaghetti Sauce 1 cup  • Mozzarella, Cheddar, Colby Cheese 1 cup  • 1-2 Avocado(s) sliced thin and chopped



Heat the oven to 375 degrees F. Place the flour tortillas on an easy bake oven pan. Spray non-stick cooking spray on the tortillas. Spread a thin layer of spaghetti sauce on the bottom of the tortilla and cover the sauce with a handful of diced chicken. Add a layer of cheese over the chicken. Place the tortillas onto a baking tray and cook for 10-15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Remove from oven and allow the pizza to cool. After the pizzas have cooled completely add thinly diced avocado.

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Our Cinco de Mayo Celebration

We all enjoyed our Cinco de Mayo meal complete with fiesta tortilla pizzas, tortilla baked chips, homemade salsa, and guacamole. We enjoyed sitting together on the picnic blanket talking about the wonderful food, music, dancing, colorful fabrics, and mostly importantly wonderful people we met while traveling in Mexico! This fun family fiesta picnic was a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo that we will continue to celebrate for years to come!

Family Fiesta Picnic

The picnic was a hit!
The picnic was a hit!
Kelley Ward, Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

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Posters To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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Rose on 01/29/2014

All that food looks truly delicious!

kelleyward on 05/16/2012

Mladen, how funny I can picture you drooling ha ha. So glad you liked this and it tempted you to get hungry, that was the idea. Let me know if you try a picnic like this. Take care, Kelley

Mladen on 05/15/2012

I was reading this on empty stomach, and almost started drooling. :)
I love the idea of this celebration. We don't celebrate Cinko de Mayo, but we do have picnics where we often use salsa, tortillas, guacamole... :) Informative and interesting article! Thank you for dharing this with us!

kelleyward on 05/15/2012

Thanks for reading this katiem2! Hope you and your girls try this out this summer!

katiem2 on 05/15/2012

What fun and delicious ideas, my daughters both love Cinco De Mayo, the traditional food plus picnics. This is a great family fun idea for the entire spring, summer and fall, thanks for the nice planning.

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