Coloring Books for Grown-ups

by candy47

Intricate detailed designs separate grown-up coloring books from those we remember as children.

If you're looking for a way to relax and relieve stress but meditation just isn't feasible for your lifestyle, or a day at the spa doesn't fit into your budget. Knitting, crocheting, ceramics are all very nice and you might have already given one or two of them a try but grown-up coloring books might be the right choice for you. You don't have to wait for the glue to set or the paint to dry before you can move on to the next step. Many adults, in an attempt to relieve the tensions of a hectic day, will try to get some alone time. This turns to boredom which then turns to anxiety about being bored. Yes, it's a vicious circle. With coloring books there are no rules, no time limits, no right or wrong. Psychologists call it 'the flow', where you are not bored or anxious, you're 'in the zone'.

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The Books

Some coloring books are more detailed and intricate while others feature larger patterns that are easier to see and navigate. The books are available in an assortment of themes, animals, flowers abstract patterns, birds and butterflies.  I've selected a few and displayed them here.

Alone or in a group

Relaxation means something different to everyone. Coloring in a book while alone in your room is one way to do it. For others, putting together a group of friends each with their own books and pencils is just as relaxing. It's quite a phenomenon when a group of people begin coloring, none of them speak. Everyone is in their own personal zone, yet they're happy to be in a group.

Form a coloring book club, like the friends in this video

The Supplies - Pens and Pencils

You don't have to be restricted to pens and pencils. Let creativity be your guide, try using brushes and watercolors. It all depends on you.

The Finished Product

After you've completed your work of art, don't let it sit in a drawer or throw it in a box never to be seen again. Share it with your friends. Autograph it (yes, why not), put it in a nice frame and give it as a gift. We might be in the cold age of technology but a hand crafted gift can be cherished and passed down for generations.


This short video shows five really easy projects to do with your masterpiece.

What's your hobby? Tell us about it on Wizzley. Sign up here, it's free!


Updated: 08/30/2016, candy47
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candy47 on 04/23/2017

I like coloring books. The dentist, not so much!

DerdriuMarriner on 04/21/2017

candy47, This is a great idea, with a lovely product line! One of the reasons I never minded as a child -- with good teeth -- going to the dentist's was his wonderful collection of coloring books and pages.

candy47 on 08/30/2016

Oh how nice Susan! Coloring books make great gifts for anyone!

Susan on 08/30/2016

Great projects for coloring pages! I got a beautiful new coloring book for my birthday, smaller, square pages that would look great in frames. Thanks for including the suggestions for what to do with the finished coloring pages!

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