Communicate with Baby Using Sign Language

by Gardenbella

It is hard sometimes to understand what you child is trying to say. Not any more. Using sign language you and your child can communicate!

Did you know that babies can be taught sign language from any age, but they will be able to better understand and even communicate back at around six to seven months. Many parents have found that young children understand a lot more that we actually think they are capable of at a very young age.

Babies can learn sign language much quicker than they can learn speech. There are several different programs available that can help parents learn how to teach their children to sign. Most parents will use American Sign Language but some parents actually invent their own signs to communicate with their children.

Using sign language to "talk" to your baby, will help parents to understand what a baby needs and is much less frustrating for both parent and child.

Getting Started

There are a number of different program available to help you get started with baby sign language. You will be able to find books, DVDs and even flashcards that will help you learn signing.

As well you will be able to find a sign language dictionary showing how to produce the signs for simple words that your child will need in order to communicate their needs. These simple signs can include everything from wanting something to eat to needing a hug.

Experts state that you should start out slowly and perhaps learn about ten baby signs. Make sure you say the word while producing the sign so your baby will get the idea that what you are doing with your hands is the same as the word you are saying.

When your child begins to sign back, give them lots of encouragement. Let them know they are doing a good job. Once you and your child have mastered a few of the basic signs you can move onto more advanced word combinations or phrases.

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Best Baby Sign Language Program

Now that you are interested in learning how to sign with your baby, what is the best program available? You will want to find a program that is easy for you to learn and more importantly easy for your child to learn.

The one program I found that had consistent good ratings on Amazon was Baby Sign Language Basics (see link above). Comments from users mentioned that it was a perfect starter program. There is a DVD as well as a book with baby-specific signing techniques, songs and games.

The first half of the book is an easy guide on how to teach your baby sign language while the second half contains a dictionary with words and pictures showing how to sign them. According to one reviewer the "DVD is pretty basic, the most helpful being an index of all the words".

Another review stated that the "book is really a lifesaver when it comes to combating toddler frustration! My 8 month-old son started with the sign 'fan', and now at 17 month-old son is really starting to 'blossom' with his signing skills".

If you are looking for a great way to communicate with your child, look no further. Check out the Baby Sign Language Basics at the link below and make sure to read the reviews from actual users.

"Songs For Little Hands": Activity Guide & CD (Baby Sign Language Basics)

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More Info on Baby Sign Language

According to Wikipedia, sign language can be used to communicate with infants and toddlers. It can be frustrating for a child when they want to communicate their needs and wishes, but don't have the ability to do so. Evidently production of speech lags behind cognitive abilities in the early years of a child's life.

This gap often leads to frustration and tantrums but since hand-eye coordination actually develops sooner than verbal skills, we can no communicate with our child using some simple signs. The most common words that you can learn and teach your child include: eat, sleep, more, hug, play, cookie and teddy bear.

If you want a simple way to communicate with your baby, then using baby sign language will help you achieve an insight in to the mind of your child as well as being able to communicate with them.

Baby Sign Language

There are many different programs available regarding teaching your baby sign language. This is a great way to communicate with your little one long before they are able to verbalize their needs and wants. It also cuts out a lot of the frustration when the parent or care giver can't figure out what the child wants. Listed below are some of the best selling programs on Amazon.

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VioletteRose on 08/22/2014

Sign language is definitely easier for babies to understand! I didn't actually try to teach my babies sign language, but I have noticed that what ever words that we usually use a sign, like waving hands for 'bye bye' they learn those words fast. I think I should look into this more.

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