Completing my First Fifty Posts on Wizzley

by younghopes

Wizzley is one of the revenue sharing sites like hubpages or seekyt. A fun place to be and earn money.

Indeed the title of this post says it all….yes I have completed my first fifty posts here on wizzley and believe me I am on top of the world. To me, this has been an amazing journey full of both sad and dull moments.

So you can in a way say that this post is about my journey of all these 7 months. Sigh…I sometimes wonder how the time flies, how fast it runs. Whenever I look at my profile and read author for 3 months-5 months -7 months it just creates pressure in me.

I just wonder that so many months have passed and what have I done? But things like online writing do take time. You need to have ideas, you need to have a clear strategy only then things work in the right direction.

How I Joined Wizzley

Before I joined wizzley I have been writing at hubpages and believe me, I love it a lot- it is my online home you can say. I am here to earn and thankfully hubpages has helped me in realizing this dream of mine.

I was very happy there but then one day I read one of the posts saying we need to diversify so that if the site ends or suffers a “google sent heart attack” we could survive. I read about this site in forums and hubs and found that people were having a good idea about it.

They were talking about is interface and how easy it is to write for this one. This was the time when I decided that I too should join it and I did.

My Writing Inspiration for Wizzley

Was it a Roller Coaster Ride?

After 2 accepted articles, my next 2 articles were rejected and this was the time I took a break from wizzley. I had it in my mind that this was not for me, but still I kept logging in since I had started to develop a fascination for the site and especially its community. But I was in no mood to write here.

Then again, I read a wizzley post (sorry don’t remember whose it was and the title) but it said that one should try to read as many posts here of the fellow members as possible so that one can get an idea as to how things move. This indeed was a turning point for me. I started reading all the ‘New’ posts and ‘Buzzing’ posts. Slowly this site started to develop a special place in my heart.

I asked myself- all these fellow writers are like me- who are working here and at other sites too, we in fact are in the same boat, so if they can why not me!! With some confidence regained I started writing again but still with caution. I got my 5 posts accepted and I was happy about it. And since then, there has been no turning back.

Photo Magnet from Zazzle

I love zazzle for things like these

My Zazzle Story

No, I don’t have a story of Zazzle as such perhaps I think the title is misleading but at the moment I am unable to think of any better title so let it be. I had a fascination for Zazzle products when I read Pam’s (Dusty Toes) posts here. She is an excellent Zazzle artist and I loved her designs.

I read that we can promote other’s products here at wizzley and earn a commission for that. Till now I was just adding amazon capsules in my posts but now I started adding Zazzle too. This increased my posts’ beauty and made them look more detailed too.

I always wonder how these Zazzlers are able to create such brilliant designs, I wish someday I too could do the same but maybe I need someone to teach me how to create these products with so beautiful designs.

Am I Earning At Wizzley?

If you think why I have written this question for you to read, then let me tell you- this is the first thing which I always read whenever any of the wizzley member writes his or her’s 50th or 100th article achievement. I remember Ologsinquito writing about earning at wizzley and I jumped on to read her review. Anyways, as far as I am concerned I have a big NO to say.

Unfortunately in terms of revenue this site has been a big low down for me. I have earned a few cents here only which is quite bad and sometimes shakes up my confidence too. But I have read Ologsinquito and Jo saying that it takes time and I need to add more stuff here, so perhaps I might be doing so and give this site some more time to help me earn.

My Wizzley Friends

I think saying them ‘friends’ wouldn’t be wrong since there are a few of the wizzley members who have always helped me and gave me their sound advice, anytime I needed. To name a few, I want to thank Jo, Pam, Mira, Ologsinquito, Abby, Treathyl Fox. Sorry if I am forgetting anyone in the list.

What I wish to see in Wizzley

To the above question, I have just one answer- I wish wizzley was hubpages for me. And I mean it with all sincerity. I wish this site too could have an ad program of its own so that we are able to earn much better here from the very beginning rather than waiting for 100-250 posts.

Anyways, all I can in the end is thank you all gals for making my life so beautiful and I hope you all will continue to shower your love and affection on me.

Updated: 05/06/2016, younghopes
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Josh on 02/01/2016

I'm glad you came back after your articles were rejected. I think many people get discouraged but it is really the only way to keep the quality at Wizzley high. Congratulations on 50 articles!

Tolovaj on 01/25/2016

I am yet to achieve this important milestone. Maybe sometime this year. Congratulations on your first 50 articles and all the best on your journey!

younghopes on 04/09/2014

Thanks WriterArtist, you are right, i believe it is an achievement and hence felt like writing about it

younghopes on 04/09/2014

Thanks Shelia for your commments and for wishing me well. You are right, one can never depend upon just one or two sites when it comes to earning, we need to learn which one will be the best for us.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

Dear Younghopes - Congrats. Every milestone achieved is worth celebrating. And what better way to celebrate than write about it....

sheilamarie on 04/08/2014

It's so nice to have you here, younghopes! I hope the income rises for you, but it's a fun place to interact nevertheless. Every site has its ups and downs as far as income goes. It's best to have a few in your bag of tricks. I wish you much success!

younghopes on 04/05/2014

Thanks Alexandria for your lovely comment, its really good to know that you are seeing earnings and that at least makes it clear that i will earn though it will take a bit more time perhaps.

AlexandriaIngham on 04/05/2014

Congrats on reaching the 50 posts milestone. As others have said, it's the toughest one to get to. Getting to 100 felt an issue for me, but it took nowhere near as long! I am seeing earnings through AdSense now, so it does happen. It is a shame that it takes a while, but then I believe reaching goals slowly means that it's going to last longer. It gives you time to develop quality content that will hang around for the years (and Google updates) to come.

younghopes on 04/05/2014

@Pam, its good to know that you are able to get something from adsense here, for me adsense has been too slow not just here but even at hubpages.

younghopes on 04/05/2014

@Jo, You are such a sweet heart, in fact lots of changes in my writing are just due to your sound advice. Hope too hear more from you

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