Cute Owl Always Love You Valentine’s Gifts

by Mira

If you and your partner love owls, here are some cute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Say “owl always love you” or "owlways in my heart" with custom-made postcards and other gifts.

The word “owl” lends itself to wonderful love-related wordplay. You can declare your love with “owl always love you,” or even “owlways love you.” Then there’s “owlways in my heart,” “owlways be my Valentine,” "love you with own my heart," and “owl love you forever.” Not surprisingly, many designers on Zazzle used these made-up phrases on their own designs. Here are some of them on postcards, stamps, mugs, and T-shirts.

I think they work well for romantic love, obviously. They are also nice gifts for a friends, young or old, on Valentine’s Day. I don’t see, for instance, why best girl friends can’t declare their love with an “always in my heart” on Valentine’s Day. I do it and it’s always fun and heart-warming.

Following are some gift ideas. Do note that you can personalize them further in seconds. Just click on them and you will see how easy it is. Once you're on Zazzle, click on Customize next to the product, and then you'll see what you have to do to add your own text: your names, or "Love, John" or whatever else you want.

"Owl Always Love You” Mug

This is a cute mug for anyone who’s in love with owls, hearts, and Valentine’s Day. I like how the designer placed the two owls on a heart background, and how he/she drew the cherry tree branch. Not so sure those tiny yellow stars work that well, but he/she probably wanted the equivalent of some glitter on this mug, and that yellow mug called for some yellow elsewhere in the picture as well.

You can personalize this design. There’s another yellow heart on the other side of the mug where you can add your names, or anything you like. I personally feel “Love you” is a little redundant.

“Owlways in My Heart” Mug

Remind her every day how much you love her with an “Owlways in my heart” mug. As it is now, this mug has the same design on both sides. You can choose to delete one of them and write whatever you like in that area. You can even make a romantic declaration. There’s space for lots of text if you want to get poetic. You could write a haiku, or a stanza, or, simply your names. Or you can say “Love, John” or “Love, Jane.”

This can be a cute gift for your owl lover on Valentine’s Day. In fact, as much as Valentine’s Day is about romantic love, I think that a gift like this, with the message “always in my heart” works well for friends, too. They will understand both that it was designed for couples and that love shared on Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be bound to romantic love.

Take the Time to Write a Few Letters or Cards on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a good time as any, if not a better one, to write a few old-fashioned letters to friends, or at least send them some cards to let them know that you’re thinking of them fondly or with love. If you do choose to write letters, a note, or to send them a postcard, there are custom-made Valentine’s stamps that you can use. Here’s one I really like.

Do note that you can change the text to the more grammatically correct “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Great designers are not always great spellers. But what a lovely stamp it is! Use it to make someone’s day, or, better yet, to connect with friends you haven’t had time to write to at Christmas. Or friends who did respond to your Christmas letters or emails, and who don’t expect any other message from you till December. Now is the time to surprise them!

Send your love to friends from you as a couple
You can change the text in seconds

Owl Always Love You Greeting Cards

Here’s a card you could use this Valentine’s Day. It would help, of course, if your friend(s) liked owls. Some people are afraid of them :). But I guess their ranks of the latter have been shrinking massively in the past few years, with all the owl designs on the market.

The text on this one is there to stay, so you only get to write something on the back, if you feel like saving time and writing the same thing on each card. Make sure you do get to write your name, at least, with your favorite pen and in your favorite color. 

Owl Love You With Every Beat of My Heart
Ad Zazzle
Love you with owl my heart

Owl T-Shirt for Valentine’s Day

If you’re the romantic type who can’t help declaring love to your partner time and again, in many ways, then you might like an “love you with owl my heart” T-shirt. This design is rather nice, even if it has three too many hearts. The ones at the end of those bare branches work well in lieu of little flowers, but he/she could have left out the other ones. But it’s still a very nice owl tee for Valentine’s Day.

Black Owl T-Shirts for Valentine's Day

If you prefer black T-shirts, there are designs that work well on black, too. The first one comes with the text “Owl always love you” but you can get rid of it or write something else to make a statement of love on Valentine’s. Note that that owl is already thinking love, so words are rather superfluous, unless you want to emphasize that “always” part.

The second design, as you can see, is an owl with a big heart :)

There are many more Owl Valentine’s Day gifts on Zazzle. Feel free to click on any of these images and explore them further!

Owl Love T-Shirt
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Owl Always Love You T-Shirt
Updated: 07/25/2018, Mira
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Mira on 11/18/2014

It's funny how owls translate into cute designs but the creatures are birds of prey. Even their hotting is a little scary to me.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/17/2014

Mira, An owl was hoo-hooing in the chestnut tree outside my living room window last week: such a beautiful sound!
They translate beautifully into arts and crafts.

Mira on 10/14/2014

Thanks for this. I should probably make some for Valentine's!

Tehreem on 10/14/2014

owl t-shirts are so adorable :)

Mira on 01/09/2014

Thanks, Shadaan!

younghopes on 01/09/2014

These are really so cute, just love the mugs

Mira on 01/08/2014

It's nice that that you can incorporate the word into so many "love you" phrases. Also, some designers really draw fun owls. There's not much to it, but I can't draw much!

AbbyFitz on 01/08/2014

Owls are so cute, these are really witty

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