Cutting Corners in Packaging Costs As an Ebay Seller

by arbbutterfly

Saving money in packaging as an ebay seller. Packaging materials cost money especially for ebay sellers. There is a way to keep costs down by being very frugal.

If you cannot afford to spend money in packaging costs, recycle and reuse materials. Do not throw away packing materials from items you order. Do not be ashamed to be a penny pinching packer. Accept friends and relatives used packing materials. Save every box you get in the mail. Plastic grocery bags are a must for a ebay packer.

Not ashamed to be a frugal Ebay seller

Ebay takes their fee and Paypal also takes their fee. As an Ebay seller, I am not going to make a profit if I am spending money on packaging materials.

If I buy any items from the internet, I save all the boxes that the items were shipped in. I re-use these boxes to ship to Ebay buyers. I remove the old labels. If I buy items off the internet and they come to me in padded envelopes, I re-use these envelopes. I cover over the old label and staple the envelope closed. I have done this for many years and I have had no complaint from Ebay buyers.

I have collected boxes and padded envelopes from my brother. He buys computer stuff often and always has empty boxes and envelopes to give. I will re-use any box in any size or shape. As long as it is not damaged and does not have too much lettering on it. A black Sharpie marker is a handy tool for an Ebay seller.

I re-use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, air pillows and pieces of styrofoam. I have been selling for 8 years and I have only had to buy bubble wrap twice. I have never had to buy packing peanuts. A paper shredder is a good investment to a Ebay seller. A few years ago I shredded a bunch of paper, I had a few bags full. I still have lots of shredded paper left.

I use things I have around the house as packing material. Plastic grocery bags are very useful. They are excellent padding material. Old penny savers are for padding also. Old paper bags are useful. Ziplock bags and sandwich bags are nice for jewelry protectors. I have even used paper towels as padding. I have no complaints from buyers. I have gotten feedback about how good I packaged an item.

My aunt also re-uses packing material. She was doing this long before I was. Where do you think I got the idea? I may sound like a cheapskate, but I do not care. I have saved tons of money. I never have to buy packaging materials. I only have to buy packing tape, shipping labels and printer ink three times a year. I will never charge extra to buyers for handling. If I keep my shipping prices low, I have more buyers willing to buy from me. I am a frugal Ebay seller and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Updated: 12/02/2016, arbbutterfly
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katiem2 on 10/22/2018

Good to know!

blackspanielgallery on 04/18/2017

If you have an Ebay store watch for coupons. Ebay sells packing material, and my quarterly coupons allow me to purchase packing material and not spend money. Do read the feedback, some items are the source of complaints about quality. But, boxes are great. I got about 50 boxes for less than a dollar, and could have made them free if I would have ordered only 25.
Another concern is weight. It may be better to buy shipping material rather than add weight. I ship a lot of packages that are just under 8 ounces. I pat less than 8 cents for the envelope. But, just a little more weight because I use a box and shipping postage jumps from $2.77 to well over $3. Consider the entire cost.

katiem2 on 01/23/2017

Great article as I have often attempted to sell items on ebay and got hung up on the cost of shipping. Thanks for the helpful tips as how to save. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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