Danielle McGaw

by dmcgaw

The Social Freelance Writer

Hi There - I'm Danielle McGaw

I'm a freelance writer and a social media manager - thus, The Social Freelance Writer!

I started playing around with the whole idea of making money online when I got my first computer.  I remember being so excited about the potential of it all.  But it wasn't until later that I realized that I could make money from writing.

I started off writing whatever I could but over the years I have found that I mostly enjoy writing blog posts on the topics of blogging, social media, careers, and education.  These are my chosen specialties but I also write about real estate, anxiety and panic disorder, and movie reviews.  Of course, in the 8 years that I've been a freelance writer I've written about many more things, too!

Social media is my big passion - specifically Facebook and Twitter.  I am the social media manager for a major Canadian busienss college and I love interacting with people on my own social networks.  Some writers do not realize how big of an impact social media can have on their careers.  I believe it is thanks to my use of social media that I have never been  dependant on content mills to make a living.  Most of my work now comes from  my connections on Facebook andn Twitter and from personal recommendations  from clients.

Find me online and connect with me:



More About Me

These are just some fun facts about me:

  • I'm 41 years old.
  • I have two teenagers and a husband.
  • I work from home full-time.
  • I live in a really small town in Manitoba, Canada.
  • I have three cats: Matt, Theo, and Princess.
  • I am terribly afraid of birds and fish.
  • I spend more time on the computer than is likely healthy.
  • I love Cityville and Farmville on Facebook.
  • I'm a little bit of a gypsie and I would love to live in an RV and travel the open road when I retire.
  • I'm going to be a very young grandmother in December/2011.
  • I don't judge - but I'm a pretty  good listener.
  • I'm actually kind of shy.
  • I love rain and thunder storms!
  • My first poem was called "First Love"
  • I've been writing since I was 12.
  • My first story (well, the first good one) was called, "Chew the Bones in Your Juice"

The Social Freelance Writer

- that's me
The social freelance writer

Services I Offer

Here are some of the professional services I offer:

  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Social media consulting
  • Social media management

You can find out more about my professional services, read testimonials, and see my resume on my professional freelance writer site.

i enjoy working with people online and I have worked with people from all over the world - Paris, Croatia, Mexico, the United States, and of course, Canada.

My YouTube Videos


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dmcgaw on 08/14/2011

I am on Squidoo Jewelsofawe but I don't do well over there. LOL

Jewelsofawe on 07/14/2011

Nice to meet you! I am also 41. Are you on Squidoo also?

celeBritys4africA on 07/04/2011

Nice to meet you here. I'll follow your new posts.

dmcgaw on 06/23/2011

LOL - you make time for the important things in life freedomw! Like Farmville and Cityville. Seriously though - I only check my farm once a day and my city only gets check 3 or 4 times. On my main account that is. The other accounts are just so I can send myself presents. Oh wait - that's weird, huh? I'm only kidding. One account, check city and farm once a day. The rest of it is work, work, work. My boss is a slave driver. Oh, wait - I'm the boss. Ok - boss is a nice lady but her expectations are kind of high. :)

dmcgaw on 06/22/2011

Nice to meet you to Sheila!

sheilamarie on 06/22/2011

Third Canuck signs in. Well, technically a "permanent resident."
I am happy to meet you, too, Danielle. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

dmcgaw on 06/21/2011

Thanks. It is nice to "meet" you, too. :)

ajgodinho on 06/21/2011

Nice to "meet" you through this Wizzley page, Danielle and get to know more about what you do. Wishing you the best with Wizzley and all your other endeavours...from a fellow Canuck! :)

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