Disney Frozen Plush Dolls - Soft, Cuddly Toys For Little Girls

by VioletteRose

Children love soft plush toys like stuffed dolls, and with the success of the Disney movie Frozen, Elsa and Anna dolls have become the perfect birthday gifts for young girls.

It is certain that the Disney movie Frozen has taken over all young kids, especially little girls. Elsa and Anna are the main characters in the fictional fantasy. In fact, many of the kids are obsessed with the characters, as they love to act like them, talk like them and dress like them. Plus, we know that mostly all children are plush toy lovers. So if you are looking for the best birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for little girls and kids, the soft, plush toys from Disney frozen will be some of the most ideal choices.

Here is a little history about the origin of soft, stuffed toys or plush toys whatever you call them. The actual production of stuffed animals was started in the 1800's in Germany. Even before that, soft toys were made using mostly materials like socks and straws and children loved to play with them. The popularity of such soft toys made from socks like materials might have led to the production of the actual stuffed animal toys in the later 1800's in Germany. However, it was in 1903 that the first stuffed animal with synthetic fur was manufactured. The first teddy bear was also manufactured in the same year, after which the stuffed animal toys have gained high popularity as kids favourite toys.

Plush toy is the commonly used word for soft toys, in North America.

Starting from the old rag dolls to the stuffed teddy bears, plush toys were made to resemble all popular cartoon characters and other animal characters. This especially included fictional cartoon characters from Disney movies, as the Disney characters were also becoming highly popular around the same time.

And by December 2013, with the release of the Disney movie Frozen, soft toys resembling Elsa and Anna have become the latest hits. Here is a collection of the soft dolls from the Frozen movie.

The dolls of Elsa and Anna that you see below have soft plastic faces and soft plush bodies, which are sure to impress kids and give them the feel of soft, plush toys which can be cuddled with.

Disney Frozen Elsa Princess Plush Doll

Elsa is the snow queen of the Scandinavian kingdom, who has many magical powers to manipulate ice and snow.

Disney Frozen Anna Plush Toy Doll

Princess Anna is the younger sister of Elsa.

Disney Frozen Olaf The Snowman Plush Toy

Olaf is the fictional snowman in the movie Frozen. Elsa and Anna made him, when they were children.

More plush toys that are fictional characters from Frozen.

Disney Frozen Sven Medium Plush, 15 inch

Character soft toy Sven the reindeer from Frozen 3D antlers Posable legs H33 x W43 x D15cm approx Polyester Surface wash only Suitable for children aged 10 months+

View on Amazon

Disney Store Kristoff Plush Doll - Frozen - Medium - 21''

Answer the call to adventure with our super-soft Kristoff Plush Doll in his rugged folk-styled mountain gear with faux fur trims and satin detailing

View on Amazon

You can also find a set of the two sisters, Elsa and Anna, together if you wish to buy them as a set. 

Elsa And Anna Toddler Plush Dolls.

If you are looking Frozen plush dolls for very young kids like toddlers, the plush dolls of little Elsa and Anna might be most perfect gift choices.

Do you like the Disney Frozen plush toys?

Updated: 02/21/2016, VioletteRose
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VioletteRose on 10/31/2014

Thank you all :)

WriterArtist on 10/31/2014

These dolls are beautiful, gorgeous - kids will definitely love them.

Mira on 10/30/2014

Pinned them :)

Mira on 10/30/2014

I like plush toys too :), and little girls will enjoy the Anna and Elsa dolls. I really like the design of the ones at the end of your article.

paperfacets on 10/29/2014

I need to see Frozen. I know it was very popular.

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