Do Anti-Aging Skin Care Products Really Work?

by VictoriaLynn

Do anti-aging moisturizers, creams, and serums really help to prevent aging, to minimize wrinkles, and fade age spots?

We have always heard about how taking care of your skin is important. There are all types of skin products out there that help—soaps, astringents, moisturizers, to name a few. What about those anti-aging products, though? Those products that claim to minimize fine lines and prevent wrinkles? And what about those creams that will get rid of age spots? Is there any validity to these claims?

My Personal Experience with Moisturizers

The Mayo Clinic and I agree that moisturizers work!

I’ve been using moisturizers for twenty years, and it does seem that my skin has benefited from this practice. Whether it’s faithful use of my moisturizer or just plain ole good genes, I am often told that I look much younger than my age. Just to validate what I think to be true, I checked to see what the Mayo Clinic has to say about moisturizers. They do recommend trying a moisturizer for dry skin, using it immediately after showering, as that will hold in more moisture on the face. They also recommend that a person find the moisturizer that is appropriate to their skin type and to also find one that has sunscreen protection in it. Hey, if the Mayo Clinic thinks it’s important to moisturize, then so be it! Moisturizing is definitely a practice I will continue. 

The Today Show Reviews StriVectin and Other Top Skin Care Products

What about Wrinkles and Age Spots?

The Mayo Clinic and I again weigh in on this answer!

The Mayo Clinic also weighs in on whether or not anti-wrinkle creams work. They do report that there are some ingredients in these creams that can make the wrinkles and the skin look better. For example, retinol helps to prevent free radicals from breaking down the skin while hydroxyl acids take off old skin and stimulate the growth of new skin. Other ingredients help to protect the skin from sun exposure and are said to help minimize wrinkles. The research sounds promising! 

 What about age spots? There are some products out there that claim to help fade these spots. These darker spots on the skin do seem to fade if not go away completely. What about firming agents such as tightening neck cream and eye lid serum? Personally, I have used eye lid serum before, and it seemed that I could feel a positive difference around my eyes. The skin felt tighter and smoother. But is this a lasting effect? I know that I’m not the only woman who has noticed a difference after a day and even a week. Continuing to see improvement in tone and texture of one’s skin after a week is enough to make any woman continue to use the product, with or without scientific proof. That is, if we can afford the product! 

Anti-Aging Products are Worth a Try

Strivectin skin care products rank high!

From looking at various sources and personal experience, it seems that anti-aging products do work, at least to some extent. If they make your skin feel better to the touch, then they may be worth the price just for the current satisfaction. I know that I can feel a difference when I use a good quality skin moisturizer or serum.

In researching anti-aging skincare products, I have discovered that Strivectin is a company that specializes in anti-aging skincare products. In their favor is a solid reputation and positive customer reviews. The online SkinStore retailer promotes Strivectin SD as an anti-aging breakthrough for wrinkles and stretch marks. This is a product that I have actually heard of. The reviews from customers are glowing—perhaps glowing like their skin!—as they claim that this stuff works! It may be worth a try, especially when the price may be more affordable with online SkinStore Coupon Codes

Strivectin SD Intensive for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles
Strivectin SD Intensive for Stretch M...

Save on Anti-Aging Skin Care Products and More!

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CouponSnapshot is a great online website to find savings coupons to cut down on costs while trying out different products. Another cool thing is that there are also discounts from other online stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Neiman Marcus where a woman can also treat herself to special treasures.  Maybe spending more on anti-aging skin products is the way to go especially when we can treat our  skin—and our budgets—with some great online deals!

Other Help with the Skin

What stores offer the best beauty products? Many offer skin, hair, and body products for women, men, and children. Other beauty supply stores go beyond to offer health products!
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VictoriaLynn on 01/22/2013

That is so true, Tolovaj. My skin gets so dry in the winter. I moisturize usually twice per day! Thanks for the comments!

Tolovaj on 01/22/2013

I can add from my experience the winter really shows what my skin needs. Yep, it is moisture. Outside we need protection from coldness and inside from central heating. Sometimes even a plain vaseline can be of great help.

VictoriaLynn on 07/30/2012

Brenda--That's a great testimonial! I may have to try that, too. Thanks for the input!

BrendaReeves on 07/28/2012

Great article. I recently bought a hydrating facial cleanser called Lacura at Walgreens. My skin started looking so smooth. I thought this must be my imagination, but then one day my mother asked me what I had been putting on my face, because my skin looked so good. I also snack on carrots all day which are suppose to be good for the skin. Thanks for the article.

VictoriaLynn on 07/24/2012

Sannel, I need to do more of the exercise and less wine! :-) Thanks for the input!

Sannel on 07/24/2012

A good moisturizer is very important to our skin, along with eating healthy, exercise, plenty of sleep and of course no smoking and no heavy alcohol intake. Thank you Victoria, for a great article.

VictoriaLynn on 07/23/2012

I use moisturizer daily--usually twice! Morning and night. Thanks for commenting, Katie!

katiem2 on 07/23/2012

You ca't beat a good moisturizer, thanks for the information product review. With this intense heat, dry weather and blazing sun, we could all use a better moisturizer. :)K

VictoriaLynn on 07/19/2012

Thanks for the input, Tolovaj. I do think moisturizer is good to make skin feel better. CouponSnapshot has coupons on all kinds of stuff. It's pretty cool.

Tolovaj on 07/19/2012

Moisturizing are in my opinion most important factor in skin care. Unfortunately some moisturizers don't really 'add' moist to skin (and too dry skin is skin with low level of protection), they just use some tricks to make skin look better in short term.
Thanks for your critical approach on this important subject and interesting resources. I have never heard about CouponSnapshot before.

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