Do It Yourself Ombre Hair Color

by katiem2

Ombre hair color is all the rage in hair style and fashion. Ombre hair color is the progression of dark at the roots fading to light at the ends and can easily be done at home

Get the Ombre look with the do it yourself at home L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit all for just $10.99 dollars. You will achieve results similar to that of any high dollar salon. While Ombre hair color is currently the hottest rage in hair styles there is some confusion as to what it actually is and how to do it. You would think everyone knows what Ombre hair color is by now and yet there are stylist who might misinterpret your request for this hot new hair color. Ombre color is very popular among teens and young adults.

Is DIY Ombre Hair Color Hard to Do?

While it may seem complicated to achieve the right look anyone can do it at home getting exactly what you want. You've just found the perfect guide to get Ombre hair color at  home, learn what it is, how to do it and get exactly what you need  to get it right. Follow along to achieve the highly desired Ombre color style perfect for you.

What is Ombre Hair Color

Get the ombre hair color you want without any confusion that looks perfect and flawless.

Ombre hair color is a darker color near the scalp that progressively fades to a lighter color to the ends. 

It should not be mistaken for a growth of new growth on color treated or dyed hair. It is different. The Ombre color treatment fades from dark to light gradually while blending in perfectly without any notable line of demarcation. IN other words two drastic color changes creating a definite line of contrast. 

L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit

Is Ombres Hair Dye Hard to Do?

The Ombres dip and dye hair kits are the perfect in home do it yourself hair color for the Ombre effect.

Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit

Anyone can get the cat walk Ombre hair color look in the comfort of home. This Ombre movement is changing the way we lighten our hair. It’s the new fashion forward way to lighten your hair with a fresh more artist look.  The hot new trend is easy to do yourself with L'Oreal.  The in home hair color power house has made it easy to apply and easier than ever to maintain. The Ombre home color kit works simply by lightening only the ends and tips of your hair. This gives you the unique salon dip dye effect.

L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres

The Variety of ombre hair colors is varied with something for everyone.

L'Oreal Preference hair color is Introducing L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres with its easy to use brush-on dip dye for dark blonde at the ends to medium brown near the scalp. This kit will easily transform your hair to the simply fabulous and fashion forward Ombre look in as little as 25 minutes.

Why Ombre Hair Color is so Popular?

Ombre hair color is so popular because it takes the historically popular hair lightening ritual to an entirely new and more convenient level.

The practice of high lightening hair is the all time favorite of all those who dye their hair. The lighter and or varying colors make those who enjoy hair color more attractive.

The balance of light brings out ones eye color, skin tone and makes for an overall improvement in ones appearance. Older people are made to look younger when creating high lights in their hair. 


L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit

The Convenience of Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color is the most easy hair color to achieve with the least upkeep.

The most popular hair color used is taking hair to a lighter shade than it's natural color. Anytime someone changes their hair color to a lighter shade the upkeep is a constant source of stress. No one wants their new growth, other wise known as roots, to show and yet this is the biggest complaint about lightening hair. 

The Ombre hair color routine does not create the overwhelming upkeep of new growth as the darker shade near and around the scalp and head offset this occurrence. The darker new growth is not nearly as noticeable with the Ombre technique. In fact the contrasting color is the big allure to this trendy hair color break through. 

It's not surprising why Ombre hair color technique has taken storm in hair styles. Look at the hair color highlighted here today and get the impact of this beautiful and smart color trend. 

Ombre Extensions for a Colorful Option

The color options run the colors of the rainbow, follow along to see more.

L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres How to

Watch the video below to learn how easy the L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit is and what it looks like.

This video shows you how easy it is to color your hair yourself. Also check out any of the L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres Dip Dye Hair Kit products above to get your hands on it for yourself.

Updated: 05/23/2013, katiem2
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DerdriuMarriner on 04/15/2017

katiem2, Is it possible to do a reverse ombre hair color, with the light at the top gradating to dark? I'm thinking of people like Amy Adams, who's a blonde reddening her hair, or of someone with platinum blonde-like white hair darkening each strand downward.

katiem2 on 09/20/2013

You should go to the Ombre Hair Colors section shown here on this page there you will be connected to reverse Ombre hair color options. What you want to do is darken the color of your hair from your scalp downward in the design of your desired fashion. Enjoy :)

alicia on 09/18/2013

i want to do this but the I have blonde hair wan just want to darken the top can I go about this?

katiem2 on 02/19/2013

Craig, You're right once people watch the video tutorial for Ombre color they realize two things; a handy dandy applicator is included and the application is easy allowing your own creative flare.

Craig on 02/19/2013

Thanks Katie, I watched the video and realize I can do it with that applicator brush included. I'm looking forward to it for spring.

katiem2 on 02/19/2013

Craig, It depends on the length of your hair, you could tip very short hair and absolutely apply Ombre color to a mans hair medium to long hair. It would look great and be an appropriate fashion choice.

Craig on 02/19/2013

Would it be considered Wild Ombre for a guy to do this to shorter hair?

katiem2 on 02/17/2013

Kim, You can have this great Ombre look and do it yourself. Enjoy

Kim on 02/16/2013

I love this look and thought it would cost way to much and be very hard to achieve but now know better. Thanks for the hair color guide. Brilliant!

katiem2 on 02/11/2013

Blythe, I think you're on to something. Ombre hair color is no doubt the easiest hair color to do yourself and the money you save is very nice too. Enjoy :)K

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