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Bunnies are cute and adorable little animals. I always wondered how they got associated with Easter celebrations. Don't you love the bunnies?

Most of us love these little cute bunnies, whether they are real or toys. Kids adore them and they are inseparable from the Easter celebrations. When I was a child, I always wished I had a rabbit as my pet. I knew someone who had a few and whenever I saw them, I was excited. Do you know how they got linked with the Easter celebrations?

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History Of The Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny is a fantasy character which seems to be originated in Germany. In German, Easter bunny is called Osterhase and the tradition dates back to 1700's. According to the tradition, on the day of Easter the Osterhase lays eggs and decorates them and hides the eggs in gardens for the kids to find out. It is believed that it is the German immigrants who came to America in the 1700's brought the concept of the Easter bunny in America. There are mentions about the Easter bunny character as early as 1500 and it is thought that they became popular in the 1700's.  In one of the notes about Easter bunnies which dates back to 1684, a professor in medicine mentioned about the side effects of overeating Easter eggs.

Rabbits and Hares were always associated with fertility and spring, and hence they became a symbol of birth and life as well. This is the reason why bunnies got linked with Easter where people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The fictional character of Easter Bunny lays eggs and fill the Easter baskets for children, this is what the children are told. In reality, we know rabbits don't lay eggs. However, this belief is also linked with few legends from history which are related to the Anglo - Saxon goddess of spring whose name was Eostre ( or Ostara).

The below image from Wikimedia Commons Image is that of an Easter Bunny postcard from 1907.

A Legend Associated With Easter Bunnies

One such legend from history goes like this. Children used to follow Eostre, the  goddess of spring, everywhere she went as she loved children. And one day, to entertain the kids, she changed a bird into a rabbit using her power. The kids were delighted to see the magic, but the rabbit looked sad and fearful. Seeing the rabbit is unhappy, the kids requested the goddess to change it back to the bird. She tried, but she couldn't. However, she made a promise that she would convert the rabbit back to the bird every spring, when she has much power. So during the onset of every spring, the rabbit would change back to the bird and lay its eggs, and celebrate spring with the children who requested Eostre to reverse the spell.

The below picture is an image of Eostre ( Ostara) from Wikimedia Commons Image.

The artist is unknown. 

Easter Bunny Stories For Kids

There are many beautiful and funny stories associated with Easter Bunnies. Here you can see two such story books from Amazon.

Did you know about the history of Easter Bunnies?

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VioletteRose on 04/09/2014

Thank you EmmaSRose and WriterArtist :)

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

Loved reading about Easter bunny, I never tire of listening to the stories.

VioletteRose on 03/07/2014

Thank you all :)

younghopes on 03/07/2014

I love these cute little plush toys

ologsinquito on 03/07/2014

I didn't know the Easter bunny originated with the Germans. That's interesting.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/07/2014

VioletteRose, The Easter Bunny ring holder is sleek!
Bunnies are adorable, in person and in art.
Even though you didn't have your own bunny, it's great that you could enjoy them as pets via your acquaintance.

Mira on 03/07/2014

Nice stories, Violette! :) Thanks for sharing!

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