Eco Laundry

by susanjill

How would you like to simplify the way you do laundry while providing an eco-friendly method that saves money, keeps your clothes looking new & leaves them allergy free?

About four years ago my Mother-in-law was going crazy from a rash she could not get rid of. The physicians directed her to change her laundry detergent. She tried many varieties including baby and allergy free detergents. They did not work.

After running out of resources we learned about a new eco laundry unit that had advanced technology. We read that this Laundry Equipment unit did not use detergents or hot water but could clean your clothing better than detergent.

New Technology News

Laundry Equipment

New Technology NewsThis article is being written to share New Technology News.  I cannot tell you how wonderful this Laundry Equipment is.  After Grandma received her Laundry System the news spread like wildfire.  Everyone wanted to try it, including us. 

My husband is a techie and one to test everything thoroughly.  As he read through all of the information on this small laundry equipment unit he learned that the technologies killed bacteria making your clothing smell fresh for long periods of time. 

Just to test it out, he decided to wear the same shirt for 4 days in a row.  It was summer and the temperatures were in the 90's.  I thought he was nuts and told him I would not let him walk out of the house if he started to stink.  Amazingly he did not stink at all ... not even under the arm pits. 

We learned that this New technology keeps your clothing colors bright and it will it also make your clothes last longer.  The reason is because you are not using hot water or detergent.  We learned that detergent is actually made up of ground stones which swish around your clothing to break up dirt.  With no more stones hitting the clothing your laundry is gently yet mightily cleaned using the technologies unique to this laundry unit.

I no longer sort my clothing as everything is washed in cold water and comes out great.  I don't know why we don't need fabric softener .. makes me wonder if it is the detergent that makes clothes static.  The clothes dry in a much shorter amount of time too. 

My husband presented the Laundry Equipment to his Chamber of Commerce group.  The professional Chef in the group wanted to try it.  Gary recommended he use an Eco-Friendly stain release product (which Indoor Environmental Systems carries) and then wash with the New Laundry Equipment.  The was amazed when the grease spots disappeared from his towels.  He couldn't tell enough people about it.    From there everybody and his brother wanted to try it and have one of their own.  It truly is one of the best new technologies out there.

Kid Chores

Kids Can Do Laundry too

After seeing how well Grandma was doing with the new Laundry System, my daughter decided to join the ban wagon and get herself one too. Grandma's rash disappeared and her clothes smelled wonderfully fresh and clean.  Although my daughter was puzzled and she couldn't figure out how it worked; she couldn't deny that it did work. 

My daughter has eczema and her skin is sensitive to everything.   After ordering her own Laundry Unit she waited patiently .. Not so much :).  After about a week she noticed the eczema clearing up.  She was ecstatic to say the least. 

One of the advantages of this Eco Laundry Unit is that you do not have to sort clothes and you don't have to mess with water temperature ... the machine stays set on cold. 

Recently Christy got to thinking about how easy it was to do the laundry.  She is a great mom and understands the importance of teaching your children to live responsibly.  She has a chore chart on her wall which her children use everyday to assist in keeping the house clean.  They actually love checking off chores as they are completed.

One by one Christy taught her older children, ages 7 through 10 how to do laundry.  The children were excited because it made them feel big and Christy was elated because it helped out so much.  

  She called me yesterday to tell me a little story about the kids and doing Laundry.  She told me that she had gone downstairs to get something as she peered into the laundry room there was her 7 year old standing on a stool with a laundry basket in his hands.  He never said a word to her but all on his own he washed and dried his own clothes.  What a way to teach responsibility and enjoy more freedom.

Video Information

New Technology News

I have included a YouTube Video below so you can see the technology for yourself and learn how it works.  This video was put out by the manufacturer, Green Tech Environmental.  Dr. Allan Johnson explains the technology and how to use it ... Very easy to understand. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Laundry Pure or if you have further questions I would encourage you to call Indoor Environmental Systems.  The owner is actually a Ccall for more informationertified Mold Inspector and an Indoor Air Quality Specialist.  He has a serious interest in eco-friendlly products and stays on top of the latest New Technology News.  The really cool thing is that he uses and purchases the technologies he researches before recommending any of the products to his clients.  Gary is a man of integrity and very knowledgeable.  He never pressures anyone to purchase his products but is pleasant and patient as he answers any questions you might have.  Here is his contact information:

Indoor Environmental Systems

Video Information

Watch this Amazing New Technology - Laundry Product

Eco Clean Laundry

Technology Used for Laundry System

The technologies used for the Eco Laundry System is advanced.  This little machine will  clean your laundry better than anything you've used before.  Put simply ... it is AMAZING! 


Uses Cold Water Only

Does not use Detergent

Does not require Fabric Softener


Advanced Oxidation

Utilizes Photo-Catalytic and Advanced Oxidation (Similar to Commercial Systems)

Backlit Window on Unit Lets You See the Oxidation in the Water ... Bubbles!

State of the Art Engineering


Laundry Unit turns On and Off with Water Flow (as your Washer Demands)

Cold Water Hose Included with Unit

Maintenance FREE

Unit is Small and Lightweight - Easy to Ship and Install

Updated: 04/27/2012, susanjill
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susanjill on 04/28/2012

Thanks Holistic Health! I think it's a smart thing because it is ecologically friendly, simplifies the process of doing laundry and very safe for the skin. :)

Holistic_Health on 04/28/2012

What great tips! Laundry uses up a lot of resources getting it done in a 'greener' way is always a good thing.

susanjill on 04/28/2012

Charlotte, Hi there ... I am here because of you! Thank you for letting me know about Wizzley. I am not one to whip out articles quickly so I have always stayed on Hubpages to accumulate my writings ... but when you said that it was a great place to introduce products ... I had to try it out. :) As you can tell this is one product I tell everybody about.

Charlotte on 04/28/2012

Hey susanjill!

I have never heard of this! What an interesting and informative and useful article you have here. I am going to check out your links, as I have sensitive skin too.
Welcome to wizzley! =) I've been following you from hubpages and now I'll follow you on Wizzley too! =)

susanjill on 04/27/2012

katiem, thanks for your nice comment. We love our eco laundry unit and will never go back to detergent and/or fabric softener. Every time I get a chance I tell people about it because it is such a great help especially if you deal with sensitive skin.

katiem2 on 04/27/2012

What a great and helpful page, laundry is one thing we all must do and teach our kids how to do. I'm currently teaching mine, if only they would do it the way I teach them to... But they will no doubt develop laundry habits that work for them. Eco laundry is smart and a must, thanks

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