Face Shape: Sandra Bullock Hair and Makeup

by NateB11

Sandra Bullock is the beautiful girl-next-door. How has she accentuated that lovely, natural beauty? Find out what works with her natural look in terms of hairstyle and makeup.

Sandra Bullock is a very famous and well-loved actress. She is versatile as a performer, able to do action, suspense, comedy and drama. We've seen her in Speed, in action with Keanu Reeves; and we've seen her in The Lake House with him too, doing some serious mind-bending and heart-wrenching romance; we've seen her comedy in Miss Congeniality; she's kept us on the edge of our seats in suspense in movies like The Net. But what we've seen also is that she's the gorgeous girl-next-door, with lovely eyes, beautiful dark hair and a sweet smile. How does she showcase all that stunning yet natural beauty? Find out.

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Sandra Bullock Face Shape

Rectangle Face

Sandra Bullock's face shape is rectangular. This means her face is taller than it is wide and the width from the hair-line down to the jaw-line is essentially the same. This gives her a similar shape to the oval shape which is ideal, but still the definition to her gorgeous jaw-line that adds to the beauty of her countenance.

Mostly, with a rectangular face, to accentuate its beauty, you don't want the face to appear longer than it is naturally.

This is achieved primarily with hair length and volume

Sandra Bullock
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Sandra Bullock Hairstyle

Layers and Waves

Layered hair can do wonders for opening up the cheekbones, which compliments a rectangular face because it cuts off corners and does not accentuate height.

And while layers compliment a rectangular face, you do want to avoid excessive length to the hair, which would also elongate the face, which, as said, you will want to avoid.

You can use waves and curls to bring out the width of your face by using them to add volume horizontally rather than vertically.

In addition, a sharp up-do that is very sleek can accentuate the jaw-line, a beautiful feature of Ms. Bullock's gorgeous face, and this also takes away from height and brings it to the silhouette.

Sandra has used very nice soft and rounded side-swept bangs and parted bangs which are obviously cute and compliment her beautiful face and face shape, actually bringing out her lovely eyes.

Also, she has used an A-line hairstyle, which is longer in the front and so lays on the cheeks, which de-emphasizes the squareness of the face.

The other exquisite touch to Sandra's hair has been the introduction of blond streaks, which truly compliments her flawless skin and skin tone. She definitely wore blond hair well in Blind Side.

Sandra Bullock Hair Tutorial

Sandra Bullock
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Sandra Bullock Makeup

Cool Skin and Subtle Makeup

Sandra has cool, flawless skin, so she has never needed to over-do the makeup.

She has used a soft pink blush as well as soft natural pink lipstick in a very complimentary way.

In addition, she has used a brown eye-liner to bring out those shining brown eyes.

Her eyebrows have been penciled softy, blended upwards and out at the outer corners of her eyes. She's used metallic, pearl, even icy-blue eyeshadow which brightens her softly sweet eyes to bring them out and accentuate their natural beauty.

Sandra Bullock Makeup Tutorial

The Heat movie premier in Sydney, Australia
The Heat movie premier in Sydney, Australia

Sandra Bullock

The Girl Next Door

Sandra Bullock is a natural and ageless beauty. In fact, she appeared in her latest movie, Gravity, with no makeup at all, showing how natural her beauty truly is.

She has a personality to match her beauty and, in fact, seems to be what makes her so exquisite. She seems like the girl you can spend time with, relaxed and yet enchanted.

Sandra Bullock is truly The Girl Next Door.

Updated: 06/15/2015, NateB11
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