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by CRfan

Contact lens solutions fall into two general categories: Multi-Purpose Solutions and Hydrogen Peroxide based.

You can find contact lens solutions that fall into two different categories. These include the MPS or multipurpose solutions, as well as the HPB or hydrogen peroxide based systems. Each category has its own pros and cons.

MPS or Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution

Multi-purpose solutions are typically marketed as “no rub” solutions. This marketing strategy has made the product extremely popular with today’s consumers. The simple principle with these solutions is that you just have to spray the solution on the lens and they can be placed into their case without the need to rub them clean.

This type of cleaner works in two different ways: they effectively clean and disinfect contact lenses without the necessity for more than one product.

However, current research indicates that just rinsing contact lenses with a MPS is not sufficient to remove buildup and bacteria that typically accumulates on lenses. Many of today’s contact lenses can be worn overnight. In fact, some are approved for up to thirty days wear without ever removing them. This extended wear can certainly create a great deal of buildup. While it may not be marketed as being necessary, most eye doctors still recommend an occasional rubbing for a few seconds before you put your contacts in their case. This will help to remove buildup as well as bacteria. In fact, approximately 90% of harmful bacteria can be eliminated by the simple process of rubbing the lens.

My Multi-Purpose Solution Choices

Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution - 2/16 oz Bottles Plus 2 lens cases


$30.85  $30.84
Opti-free Puremoist Solution Size: 2x10 Oz

$20.99  $15.16
RevitaLens Multipurpose Solution and Lens Case-10 oz, Twin Pack

Good Value Lens Care RevitaLens Multipurpose Solution and Lens Case-10 oz Twinpack is a complete care kit for soft contact lenses multiplied by 2. It is a multipurpose solution ...

Only $15.99

HPB or Hydrogen Peroxide Based Systems

These systems are extremely popular and many advances have been made in recent years. Their process used to rely on more than a single step which made them inconvenient for users. Clear Care is certainly among the leading brands in this type of system.

Today, HPB lens systems are easy to use and offer excellent disinfecting capabilities. There have not been any recalls due to contamination, mostly due to the nature of hydrogen peroxide.

One potential disadvantage with using an HPB system for cleaning lenses is that it takes a little longer to be effective. It is necessary to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide and this can take several hours. You also cannot use the hydrogen peroxide solution as a rewetting agent in order to put your lenses back in. However, an HPB system is great for overnight cleaning and disinfecting.

Many people have problems with sensitivities to preservatives used in many of today’s multipurpose solutions. These patients often find that an HPB system is ideal for their use because it is preservative free.

Clear Care - The Only Hydrogen Peroxide Solution I Use

Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution (2 X 16fl Oz Packs)

Value Pack 2-16 fl oz. bottles and free lens case with neutralizing disc.

Only $24.68

See Your Eye Doctor

Any time you experience a problem with the contact lens solution you use, be sure to consult with your eye doctor in order to determine a solution that is best for your needs. There are typically a few different brands that most eye doctors recommend and have become familiar with. They can help guide you regarding what to expect and any possible side effects.

What Type of Contact Lens Solution Do You Use?

Updated: 06/07/2012, CRfan
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