FitFlops For Men

by Thamisgith

Women love toning shoes - but there's no reason why the ladies should have all the fun. Toning shoes for men are available also - and they might be worth a look.

Whilst toning shoes may be aimed fairly and squarely at the female half of the population, there's no reason for guys to feel left out. More and more men's styles are becoming available - and most of them look nothing like toning shoes. Nobody will have any idea that you're wearing toning shoes (unless you tell them that is).

Women every where must have let out a collective cheer when toning shoes first hit the market. It's estimated that approximately 85% of toning shoe sales are made to women - and it's easy to see why they have such a high appeal.

Thanks to a special design of sole, toning shoes help to tone and trim the lower body when you walk in them. No need to visit the gym, no need to go jogging around the park - no need to get all hot, sweaty and out of breath. Manna from heaven in other words.

However, women aren't the only ones who might find that to be an attractive prospect - and many toning shoe manufacturers now have a small range of styles available for the male half of the population. FitFlop in particular has a good range of toning shoes available in its men's range, albeit in slightly more subdued styles and colors than those available for the ladies.

Why not have a look at some of the styles on offer in the FitFlops for men range and see if there's anything that takes your fancy?

FitFlop Kooper

fitflop kooper blackFitFlop Kooper are something of a cross between loafers and boat shoes. They come in black leather (shown left), chocolate leather, fox brown suede and hunter green suede.

As you can see, these would be perfectly acceptable for many offices and workplaces. There's absolutely no sign of a toning sole (but it is there) and nobody would have a clue that you were wearing toning shoes.

They could also be worn with jeans for a more casual look if you wanted.

FitFlop Chukker Boots

fitflop chukker boots for menThese are just a little more casual than the Kooper shoes above. However, depending upon which color you choose, they would still be quite acceptable in many modern workplaces.

They come in amber gold suede (as shown), black leather and chocolate leather.

Once again, the toning sole has been cunningly disguised.


FitFlop Supertone Sneakers For Men

fitflop supertone toning sneakers for menFitFlop Supertone sneakers for men are a little more casual again. Even so, depending upon the dress policy at your workplace, they might be fine for many modern offices. They would certainly look very good with a pair of jeans and a sports jacket.

They come in either leather or suede and colors include sergeant green, black, amber gold and sand dune.

The toning sole is well hidden - they look pretty much like any other modern fashion sneaker.

FitFlop Gogh Slide For Men

men's fitflop gogh slide toning sandalsNo discussion of FitFlops would be complete without a look at the sandals on offer. There are numerous different styles of sandal on offer for guys - one of the most recent additions is the Gogh Slide sandal shown on the right.

These are great for anyone who prefers sandals which don't have a toe-post. They come in Black, Chocolate, Clay and Charcoal.

Toning Shoes For Men

These are just a few examples of the toning shoes for men available in the FitFlop range. If you don't see something that you like then you should be able to find a variety of other styles on sites like Amazon and Endless.

Some other styles are featured below:

Updated: 09/17/2017, Thamisgith
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Tolovaj on 04/10/2017

I like a nice pair of leather flip flops too. Especially now, when summer is coming ... Thanks for your suggestions!

PeggyHazelwood on 05/01/2013

These sound like a great way to keep fit.

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