Five of the most required volunteering jobs

by joshcollins

Volunteering is an unforgettable experience which can also help you in developing your career. Find out the most required volunteering jobs.

Volunteers are doing invaluable work around the world and through many different jobs. Both experienced and inexperienced volunteers are needed, mostly in developing countries like South Africa, Jamaica, Peru or Nepal. This article examines opportunities for volunteers abroad, a unique chance to help others and learn.

Volunteering jobs cover a far broader spectrum than some people might think. It’s not just people in the medical profession that are greatly needed in developing countries across the world. Below are five of the most required volunteering jobs.

Social Work

Many developing countries are crying out for volunteers to do social work. Children, in particular, are most often the ones who stand to benefit from volunteer social workers. Social work jobs can be as varied as running anti-child trafficking campaigns, to caring for children afflicted by Aids, totraining local staff about the effects of trauma.

 Companies such as are a good place to start for those looking for volunteer social work.

 Perhaps one of the best things about social work volunteering is that it doesn’t always require a huge amount of experience and expertise.

 Of course, there are certain social work roles which require professionals, but practically anyone can help by volunteering at an orphanage, running basic art classes or simply spending time with children in need.


Lawyers are desperately needed in developing countries all over the world. Everyone from law students right through to retired lawyers all have valuable skills to offer when it comes to volunteering.

Volunteer lawyers can help on human rights issues either on an individual level or by working for NGOs, for example and lobbying the governments of developing countries to change their laws.


Many places are in need of teachers, whether it’s small villages in rural Africa or towns and cities in Latin America. Thousands of children across the world are without access to education. Education is of paramount importance as it gives people the knowledge and skills to better their situation.

 As future generations are the architects of change it’s also important to arm them with the knowledge to help prevent history from repeating itself. Teachers are needed in areas such as maths and music and everything in between and it is one of the most common volunteer skills required in South Africa.


Perhaps the most commonly recognised volunteer role is that of a doctor or nurse. Medical volunteers can either be hands on and dealing with patients or concerned with infrastructure, management and planning.

 Doctors and nurses are needed in places affected by war, natural disasters and poverty. Basic healthcare is unavailable to millions of people. Volunteer medical professionals bring much needed expertise in areas as simple as sanitisation and as sophisticated as surgery.

Business professional

Flourishing enterprise is lacking in much of the developing world, especially in the level of society at which it’s most needed. Volunteer business professionals are needed at both micro and macro levels. Depending on skill level and placement, volunteers could find themselves doing anything from advising young entrepreneurs to helping finance companies.

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joshcollins on 10/03/2012

@Seraphic - You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
@Sheri_Oz - How was your volunteering experience in Africa? I'm sure that must have been amazing! Fantastic.. There are a few places offering these opportunities which I believe you should take up if you've got the chance.

Sheri_Oz on 09/29/2012

This is a good resource. I'm passing this information on to someone who asked me about this. I volunteered in Africa but was offered the position and didn't look for it so I wouldn't know where to look.

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