Five Things You Can Buy for Baby Second Hand

by MotherElf

Buying everything you need for a new baby can be expensive but you can buy many baby items second hand.

The list of things a new baby needs can get very long, and many of the things are very expensive. It does not take long before the cost of getting everything you need for a new baby blows out. To save money you should consider buying at least some of your baby items second hand. While not everything is safe to be bought used, there are many things you can get second hand which will be just as good as new.

Here are five things you can afford to buy used for your baby.

1. Clothes

Your new baby will grow out of clothes so quickly that it almost silly to consider buying them new.

At first, you will probably find that friends and relatives buy you plenty of clothes for your little one, many of which will be very cute but some of which might not be practical for everyday wear.

For simple outfits, things such as bodysuits and comfortable t-shirts and leggings are the best choices for your baby.

These are usually readily available from second hand shops, but a more popular choice these days is to buy baby clothes from internet-based auction sites. Here you will find many listings for baby clothes in all sizes, colors and styles. Many people list items in bulk because their baby has grown out of several clothes at once. If you look for these listings, you can often find everything you need for your baby in one big lot for a bargain price.

Remember that babies grow very quickly so you might like to pick up some clothes in the next size up as well.


2. Toys

ThBaby toys such as rattles can be safely bought second hand as long as they are checked for damageere are so many toys to choose from these days, that it can be hard to decide what your baby needs.

In reality, when they are small, babies only need a few toys and the best are classic things like soft toys, puzzles, building blocks and musical toys such as rattles.

It is not safe to buy any toy second hand, but it is possible to find good quality used toys that will be suitable for your baby. Take particular care if you decide to buy stuffed soft toys second hand, because these can often harbor dirt and germs as well as creating safety hazards with loose stuffing or threads.


If you buy second hand toys, make sure you check them thoroughly and do not give them to your baby if they are damaged. You might also like to wash them before giving them to your baby.

A good place to find second hand baby toys are garage sales and nearly new baby sales as this way you can check the toys before purchasing them, something which is harder to do if you buy online.


3. Baby Carriers

Baby carriers such as slings can be a lifesaver when you have a baby that does not want to sleep and you have things to get done, but not every baby likes being in a carrier and some parents find them uncomfortable to wear.

As a result, baby carriers are a great thing to buy second hand because then if it does not suit you, you will not have wasted enough money.

Carriers come in all shapes and sizes so, like pushchairs, do some internet research to find a brand and model you like and then scour the second hand sites to find one at a bargain price.

Remember that when you buy second hand you might be more limited in your choice of colors or styles so you might have to sacrifice variety for better prices.

4. Books

Reading is one of the best things you can do with your baby and even when they are newborns they can still enjoy books.

In the beginning your baby will only need simple picture books which they will soon grow out of, so it can be a good money saver to buy a few of these second hand and then spend money on classic books which will be read over and over when your children are older.

As your baby gets a little older they will also be able to enjoy picture books on their own, especially ones with contrasting pictures and bold designs.


5. Stollers and pushchairs

A stroller or sturdier pushchair if you intend on walking a lot or jogging with your baby is a must by for new parents.

New pushchairs can be expensive, especially if you are looking at a big name brand, but buying second hand gives you the chance to buy a better brand without spending as much money.

Many good pushchair brands are built to last and so people often list them for sale second hand once their own children have grown out of them. As long as they have been well looked after by the previous owner pushchairs should be safe to buy second hand.

Before you buy, try to find out whether the pushchair or stroller meets safety standards and the particular make and model so you can research it on the internet. If possible, ask to see the pushchair before you buy it so you can check for damage or defects. At the very least ask to see some photographs of the pushchair including close ups of any problems.

Before you buy, use the internet to research which brand and type of pushchair you would like so you can check out the features before making your purchase. It will also give you an idea as to whether the second hand price is reasonable compared to the usual retail price.


Updated: 11/14/2012, MotherElf
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Rose on 01/28/2014

Also - don't be shy about asking for hand-me-downs from family and friends. Especially if they have stopped adding to their family and won't need the clothes again

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