Flip-Top Gloves: Half-Finger Gloves That Can Be Converted into Mittens. Great Christmas Gift Idea

by Mira

Now you don’t have to choose between full-finger/mittens and fingerless gloves. Have the best deal with the latest flip-top gloves (woolen, fleece-lined, in fleece, acrylic, etc.).

I was browsing through the racks of a store at the mall yesterday when I noticed something I didn’t know existed: a glove design that gives you both gloves without fingertips and mittens. They also came in great colors, so I decided on the spot to get a pair, even as I’m in saving mode.

I just couldn’t resist. They were so much fun, and so very useful, given that it was the first day of snow over here, and that my hands had been freezing.

I’ve never owned fingerless gloves before, but I realized at some point that they can come in handy these days, given that we need to use our smartphones on the go. I don’t instantly go to my smartphone when I ride a bus or the subway, for instance, but I keep noticing that more and more people do: they check their Facebook, play games, check their messages, write texts to friends.

Well, now you can do all that with this pair of flip-top gloves, and have your fingertips warm when you go back outside into the freezing cold.

As you can tell, I’m very excited, as I am about all good design.

So here are some of the nicest looking flip-top gloves on Amazon. Enjoy your smartphone, and stay warm this winter! And maybe consider giving such a pair to someone this Christmas. I’m sure they will appreciate it: men, women, kids.

What’s great about having the mitten option is that you have extra dexterity in the fingers once you do want and need to use your touchscreen gadgets. Also, besides the warmth given by the fabrics themselves, you can use heat packs in those mitten caps (see further down).

Do note that many of the gloves below to the left come in more than one color, so if you like them, go to Amazon to find out what those other colors are.

Half-Finger Gloves with Mitten Top (Flip-Top Gloves) for Kids

CTM® Girls Stretch Fingerless Gloves

Durable Flip Tops

Reinforced palm, windproof, water-repellent. Lined with micro fleece
Ergodyne Proflex 816 Thermal Flip-Top Glove, Medium

Here’s another pair, in acrylic. Acrylic gloves are always nice on the hand, not itchy like some (not all!) of the gloves that have too much wool. So these would be a good option. (Below, to the left.)

Flip-Top Gloves in Micro Fleece

If you like fleece, there are gloves of this kind for you as well. Great Christmas gift for hikers, as they wash better and are better suited for gripping things while hiking than other kinds of flip-top gloves. They are also somewhat insulated against melting snow.

Kids' Fleece Flip Top Fingerless Gloves and Mitten

CTM Kids' 4-7 Fleece Flip Top Fingerless Gloves and Mitte...

If you like fleece, but you want your gloves to be more “elegant” on the outside, you can choose a woolen fleece-lined pair. One of the most popular pair on Amazon, with 5-star reviews are these flip-top gloves from Turtle Fur. They’re bulkier than others, but warm and nice-looking. And according to reviews, the wool in them feels great, too. (Below, to the left.)

Woolen Fingerless (Half-Finger) Gloves with Mitten Cap

Lined with micro fleece
Turtle Fur Women's Nepal Tyler Mitten Gloves WHITE O/S

For extra warmth, look for gloves with heat packs, such as the ones below from Heat Factory. Each packs adds extra heat for up to 10 hours.

Stay warm this summer, and happy texting!

Updated: 08/10/2018, Mira
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Mira on 09/18/2015

Soon fall and winter will be upon us. It's still very warm here, even in the evenings. I was out today and enjoyed what is surely one of the last days of summer.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/18/2015

Mira, I came back to this article because September evenings this year are far cooler than days. Nightjars have been out around midnight so I'm keeping the window open a sliver. But it's a bit challenging to turn pages with cold fingers -- which may stay warm enough if the rest of the hand is gloved ;-] -- while awaiting the nightly calls.

Mira on 10/22/2014

Thanks! :)

Tehreem on 10/21/2014

Winter is coming and I will definitely buying a new pair of half-finger gloves. Thanks for this useful article, it did reminded me of a very important preparation for winter. Tweeting it . .

Mira on 02/27/2014

Yes, these flip-top gloves are very practical, and they're also fun to wear! Thank you for visiting, Derdriu!

DerdriuMarriner on 02/26/2014

Mira, These are charming creations. They are attractive and practical. There are definitely clever minds at work in this world. Fingerless gloves are great but there is always the problem of the exposed skin getting cold -- at least for me, with a natural proclivity for cold hands. The flip is so very very clever.

Mira on 12/15/2013

Thank you, ologsinquito!

ologsinquito on 12/14/2013

I'm pinning this.

Mira on 12/14/2013

Thank you, MonisMas!

MonisMas on 12/13/2013

They are really cool. I like it.

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