For The Love Of Roses

by EmilyHorton

Gardening and the love of Roses.

After years of planting many varieties of plants I have learned the real beauty of roses. My time and efforts over the years of raising a family and growing our vegetables has taught me the appreciation of the opportunity of the choice to plant roses and watch them grow into the beautiful fragrant beauties they are. Through photographs I can share with the world these treasures. All of the photographs in this article are my own.
The Don Juan Climbing Red rose is one of my most favorites. The fragrance of this rose is phenomenal. The deep red color and double rows of petals enhances the beauty. The bush blooms during the Spring, Summer and early Fall months of the year as it grows and climbs happily! This is a great plant to grow along fences and pergolas.
I have several Don Juan Red Rose bushes and enjoy caring for them as well as the lovely cuttings I have during the warmer months. The added color to my garden is pretty especially along with the yellow Irises. When I walk through the garden the fragrance is wonderful. I have had many compliments on these roses and enjoy them immensely.
Usually we want low-maintenance gardens and sadly roses are often avoided for that purpose.That's too bad because roses can be maintained easily. Just follow a few tips.
1. Snip off those spent blossoms. This allows your rosebush to produce more flowers.. Leave the foliage alone as much as possible as the leaves are the energy factories for the bush.
2. Your roses like generous helpings of food and water. Try to water in the mornings at the base of your rosebush and they need about one inch of water per week.
3. You can keep more moisture in the ground by adding about 3 inches of preferably organic mulch as it will add nutrients.
4. Bundle it up for the Winter. Stop feeding it about one month before the first frost to allow the bush to sleep. Add a little more dirt to the base and cover with burlap or sack cloth for colder regions.
The Don Juan Rose is one of the best choices for propagation. Growing roses from cuttings is fun and creative. You should find out the history of the rose before taking cuttings and propagating. You need to know that it is not legal for the first 18 to 20 years after it has been introduced. But is is free for anybody to propagate older roses and varieties that are no longer under patent protection.
Buying a rose bush takes careful observing and making sure to pick a healthy bush. Choose a place to shop that is trustworthy and that can guarantee your rose bush. Decide whether you are choosing the rose bush for cutting or yard beautification. Due to the fact that there are as much as 150 varieties to choose from do online research and talk with someone at a local nursery. Choose a variety that is suitable for your planting zone and enjoy your roses!

Updated: 05/10/2012, EmilyHorton
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EliasZanetti on 02/21/2013

Great job, Emily! Your article is very useful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

EmilyHorton on 05/10/2012

Than you BrendaReeves. I sure appreciate this! I am so very new and learning my way around here!

BrendaReeves on 05/10/2012

Wonderful article and beautiful photo.

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