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Chatter away, friends!

Do You Have This Problem

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on 01/31/2013

Brenda your comment about not having friends is exactly why I don't get out.  I made a major move to this area of the country seven years ago, then my life fell apart and there was no time to make friends - I was too busy surviving one day to the next.

Because of that, and all the moving around I did, I have absolutely no one to "hang out" with.  I would love to get out and do things and get off this computer but it's just not much fun alone.  I am also an older parent of a teenager, which means I have nothing in common with people my age, and I also don't exactly have their freedom either.

Maybe you could join a group who does something that interests you?  Does your home town have stuff going on?  I know that none of it is really fun to walk into alone, but you may meet some nice people.

Or are you more like Hollie who enjoys the life of an introvert?  I say do what pleases you and try not to stress over it, whatever it is.  Wink

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