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How Much Time You Spend for Writing?

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on 04/22/2013

I'm late getting in on this, but I generally dislike writing so I don't spend much time doing it.  I also get tired of working on a page.  I get (what I think at the time is) a great idea!! - start a page - and then get bored with it, or change my mind about it being a great idea.   I have a bunch of them started that I may never finish.

Then, all of a sudden I get the urge to write - so it's sporadic.  Can't give you a good answer on the time question.

I'd rather be creating designs but I can't live on just doing that.  If no one sees what I've made, no one will ever buy it.  I don't usually enjoy the writing part of it all that much.  But the nice atmosphere here at Wizzley brings me back to at least try.

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on 04/30/2013

Ha, sometimes I procrastinate on an article by writing another article...

I write everyday, different audiences. Blogging, formal articles, writing course design, and writing a book of essays, currently. I made a bit of a mind shift when I broke my foot 5 months ago and lost my teaching job as a result. Employers suck, in general, so I'm trying to transition to full time self-employment which includes a strong writing component.

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