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Traffic Note of Encouragement

Posts: 3100
on 06/27/2013

Thank you for your concerns re: my wife. It seems to be a never-ending story, though. She's been feeling really bad for weeks now, and we're going through a series of MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, sleep study ... you name it. We should have some results by the end of next week.

My heart goes out to all of you. Life can be a real bitch school.

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Posts: 374
on 06/27/2013

Sorry to hear about your mother Katie. ive missed seeing you around!

I've fallen off the writing bandwagon. I've had a lot of personal issues lately too. I wanted to up to 50 articles by now, gotta rethink that goal now lol

Posts: 26
on 06/27/2013

Sorry to hear about the challenges people are dealing with, and hope all will be well in the long run.

Working to get to 25 articles here, and then I'll set the next goal. I appreciate the wisdom and encouragement from everyone.

Friendly and plain spoken...lots to like here on Wizzley.

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Posts: 274
on 06/27/2013

Sorry to hear of everyone's challenges. And especially for the loss of your mothers, Katie and Ted. I hate to add to the common malaise, but I've got a chronic health issue too the dr. says is "incurable." I'm a bit hesitant to talk much about it, not because of you guys but just because I don't quite trust the listening ears of google/gov't/et al. It's awful to get paranoid about those things, but after all the news about info gathering lately, I'd rather be prudent. 

So I'm a bit slow, too. I'm also reassessing what I've been spending time on when I write my little articles. I need to make some kind of income, which is why I've been mostly writing sales articles, but it's not really where my heart is. And if my days are numbered as all of our days ultimately are, what type of writing do I want to leave behind me? I no longer have the illusion that I will make more than pocket change on sites such as Wizzley and Squidoo, though maybe Katie is recharging my batteries on that front. 200 articles shouldn't be that hard to reach as I now have 144. Why not give it a shot? I think I will. But I also must move some of my other work forward while I still can.

You are all such supportive and kind people. I hope everyone has fared okay during all the weather events we've been having. I'm planning a wizzle about some of the flash floods and landslides in my neck of the woods.

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on 06/27/2013

Hi sheilamarie,


I am sorry to hear about your chronic health problems. I will keep you in my prayers.

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on 06/27/2013

Chef Keem sorry to hear that your wife's recovery has been bumpy. I hope the tests show the doctors how to help her.

Sheilamarie, I understand not wanting to talk about it. When I was telling a neighbor about a surgery I had to have, she said, "Oh that's what killed my mother." Geeze Louise, that's not what I needed to hear. Luckily I was recovering and it could roll of my back. I never ever went online to look anything up about it. I just worked with my doctors. Then I did my best not to dwell on things. I was (and am) lucky to expect a full recovery. Since then I don't mention the details because I don't need to hear any more horror stories. I hope it evens out so you can write and enjoy life.


Posts: 699
on 06/27/2013

Ted I'm sorry about your Mom as well. That sounds like a very sad time. Lana I've been hearing how so many people are frustrated with Zazzle lately.

Posts: 140
on 06/27/2013

Thanks Digby Adams.

Best wishes for you and yours, Mike 

Posts: 141
on 06/28/2013


I can understand your loss, parents are irreplaceable, to get over the loss - it takes significant amount of time.

As for the traffic, I believe you can see a great deal of momentum above 100 articles, that is, if you have written real  original content and followed SEO. 200 pages is better, 300 is even better and so on......

Posts: 9
on 06/28/2013

My thoughts are with everyone here that is struggling with personal loss.  I hope every day brings a little more happiness to each of you. 

I'm inspired by katiem2's challenge and thank her for all the encouragement. 

As for my writing here at Wizzley, I'm off to a late start.  Although I've been a Wizzley author for a while, my focus was on other things.  I don't have many articles, but I'm trying to add one or two a week.  It will take a long time to get to 200 but eventually I'll make it.  I also sell products on Amazon and eBay so my time is spread around.  It's an "eggs in different baskets" thing.   I have made a commitment to write blog posts and Wizzley pages regularly so I will be more of a fixture in the future. 

Posts: 1086
on 06/29/2013

Oh my, so sorry to hear of your ordeal Katie, but do appreciate your upbeat message here.  I need lots of motivation to write and hearing about how you and other successful people do it, is so very helpful.  This is the second forum topic dealing with helping us find motivation for writing - so I take that as a sign.

Write more!

I am sorry to hear of all the struggles my Wizzley family members are having.   I pray you will all find answers and peace somehow.

As for Zazzle - yup they dropped a bombshell on us.  

Posts: 119
on 07/01/2013

Katie you always inspire me to do better!  I have been out of the loop for quite some time now and have wanted to get back in so bad.  Just does not seem to be enough hours in the day.  Seeing this challenge will hopefully give me the kick in the butt I need.  I have so much to write about.  Luckily I have documented many things, taken pictures, and written many of the articles already.  I just need to post them somewhere.

Hey - my hair color has changed many times since I was last active here and you know I documented each experience!  I have gone and switched up on my new career path and am currently an Apprentice at a local salon to get my cosmetology license.  On the down side I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis so I haven't been feeling so well.  

Sorry to hear about everyone's losses and "issues".  I am very good at listening if anyone needs to vent or just have someone to talk to.  I know that Brenda Reeves has been so much help to me behind the scenes as I have gone through getting my oldest son on an IEP through his school.  Just knowing what her background is and connecting with her here on Wizzley gave me a great resource to go to as I became an advocate for my son this year.  She has heard me vent on many occasions as I went through the process.  It helped me tremendously.  So I am here if I can help anyone!

I will start compiling my notes and pictures and work toward that 200 article goal!


Posts: 978
on 07/02/2013


Digby - I'm here for you

sheilamarie - You as well - If I can help you with you article writing I'd be thrilled to do so hit me with questions.

Both you girls -  I understand your choice to ignore the bad that could come of your disease which broken down spells dis ease meaning not at ease, seems you both are working to be at ease and to that I say you go and continue down that path. I'm always available to talk or whatever message me for my private email if you like I'll then give you my phone number if you like as well ANYTHING!

Mike - We are twins of the same experience and very close having become very good friends. I admire you and can't imagine my life without you. I'm here for you as well and enjoy our many talks, you are a true champion

Chef - Or dear one my heart goes out to you and the wife how difficult this is for both of you, sending the most positive of thoughts and prayers.

If I missed anyone I blame it on sleep deprivation and call me out as I'm here for you all 



Katie McMurray
on 07/05/2013

I just wanted to comment on this thread...

The topic was about traffic, but inside the thread revealed so many of you experiencing loss, grief, health concerns - so, so sorry to hear that so many of you are facing so much (or are recovering from so much loss).

These are the things that matter. aren't they (the stories embedded in a traffic thread)?, loss, life...growing and learning from obstacles we face, sharing and being there for others.

When our time here is over someday, we won't be reflecting on traffic stats or Penguin will be reflecting on the love/friendships in our lives, the good we've done with our time here...stuff that truly matters.

Wishing all of you peace through all that you're facing or recovering from......


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