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Search Box

Posts: 10
on 09/23/2022

Can we get a search box? There's not one on this site.

Posts: 144
on 09/29/2022

Good Idea. A search box enables the users to browse through and get the information through the keywords. Good to have one on the site.

Posts: 7
on 06/17/2023

I support that idea too. Search option would be of great help. Until then next search string in Google's search window can be of some help:

site: "keyword"

For instance:

site: "blogspot"

will give you a list of articles on wizzley written about blogspot (with first two being mine!).

List of results can help you estimate the internal competition and maybe give you an option to collaborate with a fellow writer.


Posts: 979
on 07/21/2023

Agree and yet something is OFF it seems we once had a search bar or perhaps they are so common I'm dreaming. 

I mean the interweb is busy with folks spoiled and expect search bars to be everywhere they go I fear it may be a deterent.

Is our beloved Wizzley standing strong or is it drifting in the wind?  I understand I have blogs myself and they alone are costly to maintain. But my little blogs do well enough to proceed with my small fees in comparison to Wizzleys expenses.

Tell us Wizzley is there somthing we can do to help or should we vacate and allow you to be done with it all?




Katie McMurray
Posts: 490
on 07/25/2023

Hi everyone,

I do understand your desire for a search box. But as it stands, we're just keeping the lights on and the servers humming. Unless something is broken there is currently no plan to develop new features, nevertheless I will bring it up with Simon to see if it would be feasible to put in a simple search box. We do plan to keep Wizzley up and running for as long as you are still getting traffic to your pages and wish to stick around. 

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