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VigLink Webinar with Q&A Session | Schedule

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on 03/22/2012

I registered, but was unable to join the Webinar because I was busy with my toddler at the time.

I am very interested in seeing the PDF of the presentation.

Additionally, if anyone is willing to post the information that they found helpful (especially Q and A, and anything that is not in the PDF), I think it could be helpful to many of us that were unable to attend, and as a review/reminder for those who did attend.

Thanks in advance for any information!

chefkeem: 20. Mar 2012, 17:42

Paula - we'll be able to ask questions after their Wizzley-specific presentation.

Paul - After the webinar, we'll post a link to the PDF of the presentation.


Posts: 169
on 03/22/2012

Perhaps someone would like to write an article on Wizzley about the information gleaned in the VigLink Webinar.

Posts: 769
on 03/22/2012

I was pleased with the Webinar, and although they mostly confirmed the information that I already understood, it is always nice to connect with real people, and hear their voices.  Do they record them?  Maybe we could just have the recorded version for people who were not there.

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on 03/22/2012

Here is the webinar presentation PDF (takes a while to download)

Unfortunately, there was no recording of the entire live session. Some of the discussed items in addition included:

- our eBay links should now be working and tracking correctly, but sometimes the reporting is delayed

- if you see a positive Revenue from merchant but the number of actions is 0 it means that this merchant pays on a per-click basis (CPC), not on a per-action basis (CPA)

- there is no easy way to look up the specific conditions of a merchant (rates, cookie durations, reporting delay, etc.) through VigLink. You could look up the merchant within their respective networks, e.g. cj, linkshare, GAN, etc. although VigLink sometimes gets better conditions due to the high volume they generate.

- if someone clicks on a merchant link but then proceeds to a different merchant there is no way for VigLink to keep track of this. e.g. someone clicks on a link but then continues on to and makes a purchase there, you won't be able to get credit for it (unless perhaps you have a previous cookie)


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on 03/23/2012


nightowl: 21. Mar 2012, 18:09

Thanks to all attendees. I hope you were able to take away some useful information.

I definitely need more practice in live sessions, lol...

Perhaps we can organize more live webinars or workshops where we all get to speak to each other, if there is any demand for it. It might be fun.


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