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Attention Wizzley Developers! And all and affiliates!

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on 05/03/2015 and are moving to Commission Junction as of July 1st, 2015. Links will no longer work after that date and sales will not earn commissions.

I am hoping that the Wizzley developers will help us make the transition as seamlessly as possible.

I signed up with CJ and have not gotten my email with password yet (after five hours). Cry

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on 05/03/2015

Thank you for letting us know!   While I haven't used AllPosters for awhile, I know I have a few links to them on older Wizzley pages.

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on 05/06/2015

I just had official word from and The images we use on articles, blog posts, etc. will no longer earn commissions and we will not be paid anything for the sales. Links should be removed by July 1. The only links we will get going forward are text links and generic banners.


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on 05/06/2015

Wow, that's a huge change. I don't use them, but I know that a lot of people here have used their images in their Wizzles. I'd love to know why they've made that change. 

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on 05/06/2015

I can see that is listed as a merchant on VigLink.

At least in theory, we should be able to continue using the existing images and let the links go through VigLink instead. In this case you wouldn't need to change anything on existing Wizzles.

I would advise against signing up with CJ for the sole purpose of remaining an Allposters affiliate. They have a minimum payment threshold of $100, I believe. If you don't make commissions for an extended period of time they will charge your account with a monthly "maintenance fee". Once it's down to zero they will terminate you without further notice. CJ is only viable if you consistently earn.

I will confirm with VigLink if they are indeed affiliated with Allposters through CJ, just to be sure.

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on 05/09/2015

Should I sign up for Viglink if I want my AllPosters links to work on my articles?

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