Fourteen Things to Remember When Planning Your Wedding

by AnnaCia

Planning a wedding could be very stressful. Too many things are involved in the coordination of that special day.

The decision to get married has been decided hopefully a year before the event. Very important aspects must be taken into account in order to facilitate the coordination of everything: Have a good and easy schedule and planning tool; Make sure you have the budget for a specific type of wedding; Assign tasks.

Your wedding...that special day.
Your wedding...that special day.
© B. Garcia

Things you cannot forget in planning your wedding.



1.  Budget

  • This is the first and most essential aspect to take into consideration when planning your wedding.  Be realistic about the budget and make sure to begin saving.  Do a research regarding budget and estimate how it is broken down to cover all aspects of the event.  Have a budget worksheet (electronic or a notebook).

2.  Type of wedding, date and location

  • It is important to discuss these at the same time you are dealing with the budget.  By doing this you will have a more clear idea of the spending.  Also, you will be able to modify everything if necessary.  Create a group of people who are going to be helping you with the planning of the wedding and their tasks.  Brainstorm with family members and/or friends to work out all the details.  All ideas regarding your wedding event must be discussed, this way you will have an idea of how the event will end up.  Later on, there could be changes, but at least you will be more relaxed to work with them.

3.  Payments

  • Having an idea of the budget needed is one thing; establishing who is in charge of paying what, is another.  You might have people who want to pay for certain things, so include the names and what they are paying for, this way you will be able to work with your budget more specifically.  Do not forget to include the cost for the honeymoon.  Remember to have sufficient amounts of cash with you at all times.

4.  Marriage license requirements

  • MARRIED License is a must have.  Every State or country has its own marriage requirements including documentation, medical tests, and specific steps and time range for applying and signing documents.  Know all about the requirements so you are not surprised at the end.

5.  Vendors and services available

  • Search for vendors and services since the beginning of planning your wedding.  Get as much information as possible regarding the quality of the services.  Make a list of all the vendors like: wedding coordinator; hair stylist and make-up artist; ceremony officiant; musicians or music; photographer and videographer; delivery service and set-up staff, transportation; and cake.  Know it advance what contracts are involved (read carefully) and time ranges.  Have appointments of make calls as necessary.  Follow-up is very important.  Remember to have payments ready when they are supposed to be paid.  Take into account that come vendors might require a tip for their staff.

6.  Booking and follow up

  • Choose the right places for the wedding ceremony and reception. Make sure to decide if both venues can accommodate all the attendants.  If the same location can be used for the ceremony and reception, it is a plus because transportation and or moving people from one place to another would not be necessary.  While choosing the right places for the wedding events, think about the music, flower arrangements, dance space, caterers and clean-up.  Always have everything in writing and make sure to visit the place before committing to it.

7.  Wedding Gown, other attires and rings

  • While choosing the dresses and other attires, take into account the kind of wedding, the time of the wedding and the season.  Usually you will be thinking and planning about your wedding dress nine months before the wedding day.  In six months you might want to buy the dress.  Take time to go around and look for the kind of dress and what budget you have to pay for it.  Think about how comfortable you want to be.  You will begin looking for the attendants' attires after you choose your dress and the groom's attire. look for an identify the colors and styles you like.  Talk to the attendants before you make the final decision regarding the attire.  All attires must compliment your dress and the main theme of the wedding.  Male attendants will be following the groom's  attire.
  • Since the beginning of the wedding planning, you both might have an idea of the kind or wedding bands you want.  Remember to know the budget you are able to spend.  Consider the form of the rings, its functionality, the quality, size, and its significance.


Soon to be married
Soon to be married

8.  Decoration and cake

  • The cake and the decoration at the reception are two elements that must compliment each other regarding color. style and flowers or designs.  Begin with the venue decoration, colors, patterns, etc.  See samples of everything: (Table cloth, table centers, textures and materials. Make sure the cake and decoration designers must give you samples of their service or products.  Meet with them as needed. 
  • Choosing a cake can be fun.  Do your searching and choose the designers taking into account the cost of the cake.  Be prepare for the first meeting to inform the designer about the flavors you both like and your ideas for the style of the cake.  You also need to know the estimated number of attendants.  Make an appointment for the first tasting and keep a follow up.

9.  Music, catering and beverages

  • Music and catering are the most important elements in a reception.  These are the fuel to maintain the celebration up.  Decide what kind of music you are going to have, choose special songs, and weather you'll use a DJ or a band.  Make sure the venues have the necessary space for the music equipment or instruments. 
  • Regarding the catering, you must put special attention because it keeps the attendants in good spirit and satisfied.  Select the food you are providing by taking into account the number of attendants and the time of the reception.  Find the best catering in the area or at least one the one that better suits your needs. Plan the menus, and kind of beverages you want to have and discuss these with the caterers.  Consider how food will be served, the formality of the reception and the nature of your guests.  Meet with these vendors, and do follow up.

10.  Photos and videos

  • Choose the photographer and/or videographer considering the kinds of memories you want to have of your special day.  Meet with them and clarify what you want them to do.  Remember that if you do not let them know what you want, they will do things they own way, leaving you with less than desirable results. 

11.  Attendants  and sitting

  • Make a list of people you both want to attend the wedding.  Make sure you send the invitations on time (maybe one month and a half before the wedding).  By doing this, you will give time for replacement if somebody cannot make it, and gives the opportunity to the guests to make the necessary arrangements to attend the wedding.  Attendants' lists are a must have, and need follow up.
  • Sitting needs to be discussed and planned carefully.  Make sure you place people strategically. Families that know each other together; couples with children near exits or restrooms; older couples away from too much noise, etc. 

12.  Invitations

  • Choose the invitations that reflect who you are as a couple and the theme of the wedding.  Everyone of the guests must receive an invitation with enough time before the wedding.  Double check everything on the invitation, addresses and phone numbers of later on follow up.  Make sure to specify the number of guests each attendant can bring, and if children are invited.

13.  Event programs

  • This is an outline agenda for the ceremony and reception, as well as, important names or guests who need to be mentioned.  Create a nice binder or folder with all the information, readings, toast, thanks, etc. and make as many copies as you desire.  You can choose between giving copies of more general programs to the guests. 

14.  Honeymoon or after-wedding plans

  •  Before the wedding you must have your honeymoon plans ready.  Depending on who is paying for it or where are you going, you will need to make the arrangements within a specific time.  The week before the wedding is a good time to make the suitcases, have the necessary documents and personal needs ready to go.  Make sure to contact airlines, agencies, hotels, etc.  in order to know that everything is as planned. 

Your wedding event is a special moment that will never be repeated.  Make the best of it and enjoy the planning.  Remember that you do not have to do everything alone.  There are always people who want to help.  When you remember to take into account these 14 things, you would not have to be running around trying to remember what is next. 

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AnnaCia on 03/24/2012

Katiem, I believe you could even have a room in your house just for the wedding planning, eh? Thanks for stopping by

katiem2 on 03/20/2012

I have two daughters and tho they say they never plan on marrying, I'm preparing myself for the maybe if one day. You never know and this Mother of the bride will be prepared if it happens. I'm such a planner I'll take the next ten or so years preparing the wedding plan. Thanks for the great list of wedding reminders :)

AnnaCia on 03/18/2012

Brenda,Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment.

BrendaReeves on 03/18/2012

Very well organized article on wedding planning. You covered every point.

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