Fracking: An Environmental Disaster

by KateLoving

Jerry Lee Miller was on my radio show this week. We discussed his anti-fracking activism. Fracking is discussed in the following article.

God, Please Save Our Farms

Once Again, Our Government is Not Protecting Us

Fracking is a practice and method of drilling into reservoir rock formations in order to increase the extraction and recovery rates of oil and natural gas. This may sound benign, but it is not.

For instance, on April 20th, 2011, on the anniversary of the Gulf Oil Spill, thousands of gallons of so called fracking fluid spilled following an accident at a natural gas well in Wellsboro, PA. Seven families were evacuated from the area.

Many people in PA have contaminated wells due to this method of extracting oil and gas, and when a match is lit next to the water, it catches fire, much like gasoline would.

"The chemicals used in fracking fluids have been a contentious subject, as many energy companies have long guarded them as a "trade secret." A recent report released by three House Democrats says that millions of gallons of potentially hazardous chemicals and known carcinogens, such as methanol, have been injected into wells across the country by energy companies using the controversial fracking method." The Huffington Post, 4/20/2011

The picture of the sign accompanying this article was written by a farmer whose farm was ruined by fracking, a farm that had been in the family for several generations. The sign was placed in the middle of the town nearest to his farm, and the towns people signed their name at the bottom of the sign to show their solidarity. A plea and a prayer such as this will surely be answered, as all prayers are.

This past Tuesday, my guest on "Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom" was Jerry Lee Miller, a local anti-fracking activist in the state of Pennsylvania. We discussed the horrors of fracking in great detail.

Jerry and I also discussed creating a lifestyle that honors the earth. Jerry educated us about "Transition Communities" whereby people grow organic farms and create green communities together. This way of helping one another is growing in popularity.

Jerry played the Native American Flute as well as  singing an original song about the beautiful Susquehanna River which is the recipient of fracking pollution. Jerry told us that the Susquehanna is one of the top three endangered rivers in the world. The Susquahanna flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Surely the Chesapeake Bay Pollution Alert Groups in Maryland will rise up against these fracking practices here in PA. In fact, since PA's denial appears to be unshaken here, I am hoping The Chesapeake Bay Activists help end these practices that are threatening PA's pristine water supplies.

Here is a link to the radio show that broadcast on 6/28/2011. Jerry Lee Miller is a retired Brethren Minister, and is a Lancaster County Native. He is an accomplished musician, as you can hear from his performance on Tuesday's show.

May the show serve to get the word out  about fracking.

Gasland, The Trailer

Gasland Director On Keith Olbermann's

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theraggededge on 10/05/2011

I've never heard of this before, so thank you for drawing attention to it. It's incredible that this practice takes place while here in the UK we are not even allowed to purchase incandescent lightbulbs any more. Why do we make all this effort when large corporations can do whatever they like and negate everything the ordinary person does to help clean up the planet?

sheilamarie on 09/24/2011

Very disturbing, Kate. I have heard similar reports about extracting in the oil sands in Alberta. If we use the resulting oil, we bear some of the responsibility. (And who of us can get away from using petroleum products 100%?)
We each need to make life-giving decisions in our own every day worlds. I'm not too sure how to stop the big guys. Even things like civil disobedience doesn't do very much for very long. I guess we need some real alternatives and we can't wait for big money to produce them for us. We each need to make changes.

barbarab on 09/14/2011

this is terrible and I agree with Grace (well, I usually do :) but still) it is a matter of greed and the result will be "all will be punished" I fear, if something isnt done in our time

Marti on 07/29/2011

Yes, I know about fracking -- it's extremely disturbing. Corporations only care about profits. Meanwhile, everyday people and the environment suffer the consequences of fracking. Fracking, mountain top removal, off shore drilling: we are surely the most invasive of all species.

KateLoving on 07/08/2011

Yes we are thinking of moving to Vermont. Sorry to hear about your daughter's farm. We are headed for a crisis here in this country. And the world.

Pastiche on 07/07/2011

Our daughter's organic farm is ruined because of the gas drilling and fracking in Northeastern PA. The current governor gets plenty of campaign money from the drilling investors so there's no chance of stopping it for the next 4 years. Leave PA and take your tax dollars to a state that cares.

Holistic_Health on 07/06/2011

Extremely destructive practice . . . I don't think most people even know about.

AJ on 07/05/2011

Good luck with your campaign to end Fracking Kate.

KateLoving on 07/01/2011

I am determined to get our County Commissioners to put an end to it, or we the people will vote them out.

Michey on 07/01/2011

I didn't know about fracking methods up till now... it looks like we are determined to destroy this beautiful planet of ours... and then blame on... something else... it is never our fault... Oh! Boy!
Thanks Kate for the dead up...

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