Gardening Tips for Spring Time

by Natasha

Spring is the busiest gardening time of the year. If you are a gardener, here's a list of some gardening tips for spring time.

Spring is the time when your plants start waking after a long winter sleep. This is the time to start cleaning up, do hard work now and you will be rewarded with beautiful and welcoming garden in the summer. Following are a few tips to help achieve a lovely garden.

Start Your Own Compost
Prepare your own compost by layering soil with waste from the garden, leaves, branches etc. The only care you need to take is, do not put any diseased leaves or branches to the pile. Such branches should be destroyed by burning and never ever toss them in the compost pile or it would ruin the quality of the compost. Keep turning the layers from time to time and spray water occasionally if it becomes dry. Do not over water, only so much is required to keep the pile moist.

Spring Clean Your Garden
Clear the yard for dead fallen branches and leaves. Pull out all the dried skeletons of plants from the previous year. Also look out for young weeds that are starting to show up above the soil and pull them out by roots. You can put all this waste in the compost pile you have already started, but destroy everything that may look diseased and unhealthy. Prune out dead branches from trees and shrubs. Thin out the ornamentals if necessary, new branches will grow out quickly and make up for the losses and will grow more profusely.

Repair Fences, Gates etc.
Winter can cause damage to wooden structures, so check them and repair them as necessary. Also, oiling hinges and applying wood polish etc. will help maintain them longer. You may also want to check pathways and borders of beds etc. and repair them as needed.

Get The Tools Ready
Sharpen your tools well, repair if necessary. You may want to check out the mower and get it serviced as well before putting it to use. Make sure you have all the required equipment you may need or intend to use. Check the inventory and add items as necessary.

Preparing Beds For Planting
Prepare new beds for planting and refurbish the existing ones. Do not overly turn the soil in existing beds, just the top layer and add any compost or fertilizer you are using. Turning it over completely may disturb the ecosystem in the soil, it is best left undisturbed. Nutrients added on the top will find their way down and enrich the soil without overworking.

Prune Roses
Cutting back the branches will encourage strong and healthy shoots that will produce more blooms. It will also help resist diseases. If you intend to grow new roses, now is the time to sow the cuttings.

Divide And Plant Bulbs
Remove the bulbs that have grown and crowded together, separate and sow them back in the ground with space between each to grow out. Most bulbs are hardy and survive in dry conditions, but they must be planted now.

Prepare Fruit Trees
Cut and thin out the branches of fruit trees, do not postpone this task for later when the birds start arriving and then pruning branches will not be possible.

Sowing New Seeds
Now is the perfect time to start your seedlings. If the conditions are still very cold and frosty, plant the seeds in seeding tubs indoors.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to keep pulling out the weeds as you see them. As they are young now, they can be pulled out from roots much easily. Add about an inch-thick layer of mulch on top of the soil, this will deter growth of weeds.

Most of the work to be done now will be very hard and back breaking, but ultimately worth each minute of it once garden starts blooming and will reward you with a profusion of lovely flowers and fruits. So, pick up the hoe and start digging!

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Beautiful Spring Time Garden Photos

Spring Garden Photos
Spring Garden Pics
Spring garden pics
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Natasha on 03/30/2012

Wow, that was fast. I am glad you find this useful. Thanks for stopping by!!

Pinkchic18 on 03/30/2012

Great tips! I just love gardening and spring time too. Thanks for the tips!

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