Gardening with Kids

by TinaTruelove

Gardening with kids is both fun and educational. Having the right tools on hand will enhance the gardening experience for your child.

Many kids like to dig around in the dirt and some kids enjoy planting flowers in the spring time. Introducing fun and useful tools to your child will help enhance the gardening experience. Your child will plant more, plant better, and learn a lot when he plants with great accessories. Adult gardening tools might be heavy and sharp, presenting a danger to a child, but when your child uses tools made for kids, he can play in the dirt and plant safely. Then, when his garden begins to grow, he will learn to take care of his garden. Hopefully, the nurturing skills he learns now will grow with him into adulthood as he learns to care for other people and animals as well.

Read Gardening Books

Improve Literacy with Gardening

As an educator, I try to make childhood experiences both fun and educational.  Before heading outside and into the dirt, read gardening books with your child.  By reading books about gardening, your child will learn about plants and plant care before he begins his garden and he will learn to associate reading with a fun experience.  This will help him develop a love for books and reading.  His love for books and reading will naturally instill into him a love for learning.

Usborne Books offers several great book options about gardening for kids.  Gardening for Beginners is a great place to start.  This book suggests simple growing projects with step-by-step instructions. Gardening for Beginners shows kids how to garden even in very small spaces and makes suggestions for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Disclosure:  The link above will take you to my Usborne Books Consultant website.  I love Usborne books and I know you and your kids will love them too!

Children's Gardening Tools

A Tote Bag with Accessories

The Just for Kids Garden Tool Set with Tote is perfect for children's little hands.  The cute and colorful canvas tote bag measures 8" X 7.25" X 5.5".   The bag features front and side pockets.  This set includes a 6" rake, an 8" shovel, and an 8.5" trowel.  It is suggested for ages 5 and up, but may present a choking hazard for children under three. 

JustForKids Garden Tool Set with Tote

Kids Garden tool set with Tote comes with one metal Shovel with wooden handle, 8"L, One metal RAKE with wooden handle, 6"L, one metal TROWEL with wooden handle, 8.75"L, and one ...

View on Amazon

Garden Root Viewer

What Happens Underground When Plants Grow?

When kids plant gardens, they love to see the first spouts and they get all excited as the sprouts grown into plants.  What they don't see is what happens underground as their plants grow.  They never see the bulbs or roots.  With the Garden Root Viewer, they can see underneath the plants.  They will learn that plants must have roots to grow.  The Toysmith Garden Root viewer comes with three root viewer windows and carrots, radish, and onion seeds.  With this great educational, kids learn about the entire process.  They won't miss a thing.  This toy is recommended for ages 5 and up.  It poses a choking hazard for children under three.

Toysmith Garden Root Viewer

From Toysmith, this Root Viewer is a fun and educational way to watch your vegetables grow. When you plant a garden outside in the ground, much of the magic happens underground....

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Have Fun

Make Lifelong Memories

The most important thing to remember when gardening with your kids is to have fun.  Kids are only little once so you want to create special memories for them now. 

Read a few children's gardening books, get age appropriate tools for your child, and then get out there and enjoy the experience.  Make some memories!

Updated: 04/01/2015, TinaTruelove
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TinaTruelove on 04/04/2015

You make a great point frankbeswick. I do not know the statistics here in the US but I would not be surprised if our situation here is not similar to yours.

frankbeswick on 04/02/2015

I do not know the situation where you live in the USA, but here in Britain, according to an article in today's Independent [a quality British newspaper] there is a shortage of young people entering horticulture [a subject in which I am qualified, but I am sadly not young enough to benefit from the shortage.] So if you get your children into gardening, you may not only be encouraging mental and physical health, but also opening up a whole career path for them.

TinaTruelove on 04/01/2015

Thank you Nancy! I love small flower gardens. I run an in-home preschool and they can't wait to get out there and plant some pretty spring flowers.

Nancy Hardin on 04/01/2015

Excellent ideas for teaching children both the love of books and the love of gardening. Shared on G= and FB.

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