Get Rid of Extra Stuff on Free Classified Ad Sites

by JoyLynskey

You got stuff? We all got stuff. Some stuff is good. Some stuff is just in the way. So what should you do with the stuff that no longer serves a purpose?

Never Say Stuff

When you are preparing for a life with a career in a writing industry, one of the first lessons you learn is never to use words like 'stuff' to describe anything. However, the rebel in me begs to ask, "What if I am actually talking about stuff?" Well, right now I am. (Just in case an old professor stops by)

You know the stuff. The stuff in your kitchen, all that stuff in your basement.

You mean junk?

My stuff is NOT junk!

Indeed, not all stuff is junk. It may just be stuff that you no longer have a use for that is still in sparkling condition due to your love and care. Stuff that has received TLC most certainly is NOT junk.

No Hoarding!

In my approximate four decades on earth I have learned one thing with certainty.

  • There are people who do not mind throwing stuff away.
  • There are people who fear throwing stuff away

I am the type who does not mind throwing stuff away. My husband is the type who fears it.

This has created more than one disagreement during our 15 year marriage. But wait a minute? Has it also had benefits? Sure, it positively has.

Whereas my first inclination is to grab stuff that looks to be past its prime and toss it, my husband will grab those same things and stash them for later. Sometimes later never comes. Then I point, laugh, and say I told you so as he finally agrees to allow me to sell it. Other times, miraculously, we need the stuff again. Whereas I get to be the one pointed and laughed at.

So how did we come to a better agreement?

Sorting Out Your Stuff

The first thing to determine is if the stuff in question will ever be used again. The best bet to go with is if you have no idea what exactly the stuff he is making a stand for is even for, then it may be best to let him find a storage home for it and let it stick around. You will want the same consideration when you stand up for the stuff you know is keep-worthy.

Stuff that you should absolutely get rid of may include:

  • Duplicate Stuff - Have Two? - Don't Need Two? - Get Rid of the Stuff
  • Outgrown Stuff - Can't Wear it? - No Plans to Upcycle? - Get Rid of the Stuff
  • Stuff You Know Will Never Be Used Again - That Stuff - You Know You Won't Use It - Lose It!

 So save all the arguements about which stuff to get rid of, by taking a look around classified ad sites, auction sites, and even search engines to find out how much that stuff is really worth. Once you know, you may be more willing to unload the stuff.

Sell That Stuff!

When you finally do agree on the stuff to sell. Make sure you spend some time browsing the free classified ad sites. This way you gain some knowledge about current average prices and can price your own stuff accordingly.

The great part is that since this stuff would just be lingering around in your home otherwise, you are likely in no rush to sell. Take your time and shoot down offers that suggest you take less than you want, or just keep that stuff in case another use for it springs up once again.

Remember to use a site like FreeAdLists when you sell your stuff, so that you can take advantage of the wide coverage option you receive when you purchase extra services, or by the free usage of social networking bookmarking tools so that you can freely share your stuff's classified ads with the masses.

Selling stuff on classified ads can be a lucrative way to prevent yourself from piling up clutter, as well as to help those couples like me and my husband who are on the opposite ends of how we feel about keeping stuff, or getting rid of it.

Updated: 11/07/2011, JoyLynskey
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