Gifts for Dragon Lovers

by JoyLynskey

Do you know a dragon lover? Is your best friend a collector of all things Dragon? Check here for some of the coolest, and most affordable, dragon collectors items around!

The Problem with Gifts for Dragon Lovers

The main problem is that dragon gifts can be expensive. Another problem is finding the type of dragon your gift receiver would prefer. There are many types of dragons.






Once you know the type of dragon the person you are purchasing for really enjoys, you will be ready to search for the perfect gift. If you are unsure of which type, check out items they may have now and compare them to the dragon types listed about to find the best match.

If you do not have time to study a bit about dragons you can widely slot them into two catagories. There are Winged Dragons (Like those styled in the Lord of the Rings movies) and Wingless Dragons (Like a Puff the Magic Dragon style). If your beloved dragon lover already has a collection, check the items to see if they favor the winged or the wingless, and then plan your shopping event accordingly.

Wow Your Dragon Lover with Real Canvas Prints

Want your dragon lover to be impressed? Find them a piece of custom created Dragon art to hang on their walls so that they can remember how much you mean to them each and every day. Check around for a canvas print that goes with your dragon lover's decor, theme, or ideas.

A real piece of art can make a wonderful gift. Often, Canvas art is an item that a person will carry with them throughout their lives. Canvas art prints comprise a high number of 'items left in estate sales' which means that for many, canvas art can be a piece of a family legacy.

Canvas art prints are not usually extremely cheap. Because an artist has put their own materials and creative touches on canvas, you can expect even the smallest prints from 3 x 5's to 8 x 10's can even begin at around $20 USD.

However, considering that they may be a conversation piece for years, indeed, generations to come make them well worth the prices.

If you do not plan to purchase the frames for the canvas print to match your decor, try to remember to buy the canvas prints with colors already agreeable with or similar to your current wall paint or paper. This way if you can't afford those expensive frames quite yet, you can still have your beautiful dragon art displayed proudly on your wall.

Dragon Apparel

Do you have a son or a daughter, mother or father, or even a grandchild that is sure to enjoy some nice dragon attire? Check out some nifty dragon apparel below and decide for yourself which would better suit the dragon lover in your life! Below are fine examples of a Dragon T-shirt, a Dragon Onesie for a Child, and a Dragon Sweatshirt for an adult.

The greatest thing about buying dragon wear is that most often the dragon t-shirts, dragon sweatshirts, and even some dragon pants can be worn by either sex or even your teenage children. This is a popular design that many people of all ages can enjoy. Take the time to search through some of the best dragon wear and you may find a perfect piece for every member of your dragon lover family!

Never underestimate the things you can find online when it comes to dragon wear. These days, you can find custom boutique stores that will slap a dragon print onto just about anything.

  • Baby Bibs
  • Onesies
  • Thermal Hats
  • Gloves
  • Underwear
  • Sunwear

And so many more things that will give you an unlimited reach on custom created dragon apparel that you could creatively imagine.

Dragon Art Collectibles

Your Family's Next Heirloom

Just like a great piece of canvas art, Dragon figuries and statues, collectible knick-knacks, or pewter work, large high-quality pieces of dragon art can easily become an item that you hand over as a gift, that could withstand the test of time, and life itself, by being carried on down your bloodline by those who find great value and sentiment in a piece of artwork from a member of their family, regardless of whether they knew them personally or not.

Having a dragon collectible as an heirloom piece can also give your future decendants an insight into family affinities and tastes. Adults and children alike can feel a sense of oneness with a past ancestor who shared the same love for the great art of the mythical, or not so mythical depending on what you believe, dragon.

Giving the gift of a legacy is a priceless one that can be appreciated by many generations to come and with this in mind manufacturers and artist will usually include care instructions with their pieces of art, if they do not come with them, be sure to email or call the seller to get the best ideas for the care of your piece of dragon art!

Dragon Wall Hangings

Circuelo - Dragon Sunset
Dragon Moon
Japanese Tattoo
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